Best Driving Apps For (Android/iphone) In 2024

Do you wanna learn Driving? In this post we have listed some of the Best Driving apps to make money that will help you learn driving skills without going to a driving school. These Best Driving apps android/iphone 2022 will help you learn all the skills that a skilled driver should possess. Many of the New drivers face driving problems everyday and not everybody wants to try their hands on their Brand new car. You can tell your friends about these Best driving apps and help them learn driving easily.

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DRIVE (Iphone)

Best Driving Apps iPhone
This is one of the Best Driving App Iphone 2022. It will provide you a unique driving experience. You can choose various driving options i.e FPP (First Person Perspective) and TPP (Third Person Perspective). It has various car options to choose from. Here, you can train yourself in an environment with realistic traffic rules and regulations. The realistic sound of horns and cars passing by will increase the thrill of driving. Download this game now and have a happy driving.

Driving school 2022- Car, Bus and motorcycle test (For Android)

Best-Driving Apps Android
Claimed to be the Best Driving apps 2022 : This app is developed by Yarsa Games. You can use this app to learn driving various vehicles viz. Car, Bus and Motorcycle. It Provides various driving test levels where you can track and measure your driving skills in real time. After going through all these tests, you will surely pass the Real Driving test that is mandatory.

Learn driving (For Android)

driving apps android
This is a good app to start learning driving for newbies. It is one of the best free driving apps for android. It will acquaint you with all the basic driving rules and tactics involved in day to day life. This app has some unique features like – It provides you all the minute details from Starting of Engine to Parking the car. If you are looking for an app with step by step guide for all the driving activities, you can choose this app. There is a section in this app that has various tips and tricks which experienced drivers can also use to hone their driving skills. Get this app today and start learning driving.

Voice GPS Driving directions, Navigation, GPS, Maps (For Android)

Best Driving Apps Android
This app is on number 4 in the list of Best Driving App Android 2022. It is developed by “Coloring Games and Coloring Book for Adults”. It has voice enabled user interface which you can use to navigate traffic through your voice. It Keeps you updated with the life traffic conditions and shows ways to reach your destination faster. You can even search nearby places like restaurants, toll booths, banks, ATMs easily and accurately with no hassle involved.

Waze Navigation and live traffic (For iPhone)

 Best Driving Apps iPhone
With this Best Driving App iPhone 2022, You can even find the cheapest gas station en-route. It has a variety of voices from which you can choose the one that suits you. It allows very accurate ETA based on real-time traffic data. With over 2.2 million ratings in the app store, this app is surely a very good app for any person who drives regularly.

Driving in Car (For Android)

Best Driving Apps Android
Developed by “Doodle Mobile Ltd” , This Best Driving App Android 2022 provides three modes to test your driving skills viz. TAXI mode, FREE DRIVE mode and QUEST mode where you can hone you driving skills. There are variety of cars available for e.g. Low-power cars, sports cars, muscle cars and huge SUVs. This game has everything you want there are people walking sidewalks and at pedestrian crossing there’s a map. Point  to the place you want to go then you follow the red line and traffic lights

POV Car driving (For Android)

Best Driving Apps Android
It is a pretty good driving app. The game standout from others because of its kickoff game controls. In the latest update, various features like speed limits and headlights have been added which make the app more user friendly. With the variety of vehicles available, you can try your hands on various vehicles of your choice. The game has been designed with very minute details. You can notice the detailed cockpits in the vehicles.

Drivetime (For iPhone)

Best Driving Apps Android
With this app, You cam compete with other fellow drivers and test your driving skills. The best feature about this game is that it allows you to play audio-only, voice activated games while you drive. It also shows your driving score in real time depending upon how well do you drive through the traffic. Also, you can claim the reward points earned by competing with others in the form of coupons or recharges.

Drivemode: Message and call for driving: Handsfree (For Android)

Best Driving Apps Android
It is another Best driving app android 2022. This app simplifies the management of calls and messages for drivers. With this driving app, you can handle all the calls and messages with your voice and focus more on driving. You can even swipe across various apps on your phone with voice assistant control. Here, you can do a lot of tasks with just voice commands such as – replying to messages and texts, choose your favourite music on your phone with just a tap. It also gives you facility to setup auto reply to text messages while driving. All your driving history is stored in this app  so that you don’t have to remember the routs anymore . just point to the location and it will show you the way and guide with voice commands.
It’s user interface can integrate all your favourite apps including navigation, music, streaming, messaging and voice assistant etc. This app has been designed in adherence to all the rules and regulations issued by the National Highway Traffic Safety.

Driving Academy- Car school Driver Simulator 2022 (For Android)

Best Driving Apps Android
This is one of the best driving app Android 2022. It is developed by “”. With over 70k 4-5 star ratings in the play store, this app is the most promising and best driving app Android 2020. Coming on to the Features, with this app You can –
– 80+ unique road signs to learn
– 225 levels to play, including the Grand Tests, Night Driving, and Challenges
– Free Drive to earn extra coins
– 3 different camera views
– Realistic driving mechanics
– 135+ different cars to drive
This app has 225 different levels with almost more than 80 vehicles to choose from to test your driving skills. There is a special night mode where you can practice night driving with perfect night graphics and vehicles. With over 1035 different cars, you can try your hands on almost any vehicle and know its features without driving them in real. In short, this app provides the best way to learn driving in a Fun manner. Get this app today and start learning driving.


So, This was our list of the Best Driving apps Android/iPhone 2022 which are very helpful in learning the basic driving rules. Hope you liked the list of driving apps. If you know any other app, Kindly let us know in the comments.

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