Top Rated 10 Best Car Buying Apps In 2024

Best Car Buying Apps 2020: Owning a car is a dream for many. But then, often it becomes difficult to manage time from the busy schedule and visit a car dealer nearby or far away to look for your dream car. Also, every dealer features cars from specific brands. You will not find multiple brands under one roof. That can be a problem if you want to compare different brands before making the final call. To make things convincing, there are different websites and apps available for buying cars. I am not joking – there are prominent portals dedicated to car selling and related affairs. Some sites and apps deal with brand new cars from multiple manufacturers; there are also portals where you will find options to pick used vehicles at premium conditions.

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Today, we’ll be discussing online options to make car buying easier than ever. Let’s look at sites that exclusively sell old cars and then portals that deal with new vehicles.

Best 5 Apps to buy new cars

Car Gurus

cargurus - best new car buying app
cargurus – best new car buying app

CarGurus is one of the most popular apps to purchase a new car. It features a wide range of options when it comes to car dealerships and makes. You can filter the search for new cars and dealership options in your area. This app also offers the option to sell your car without any hassles. You can even apply for financing through this app. The best thing about this app is the way the listing has been done. Each listing highlights the car valuation in regards to the latest market value, whether it’s below or above the market value. There is also detailed information about every car listed on the site. Information about dealerships and comparison between pricing is also available. The site also features each vehicle’s CARFAX report as well as FAQs on each model.

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craigslist - best car buying app 2020
Are you planning to search for car sellers available in your locality? Well, the Craigslist app allows you the privilege to search for all the available options within the locality. You can search for private sellers through an easy sorting option. There is also a MAP based browsing feature that enables GPS auto location to find cars within the specified locality. The app also comes with numerous other search options. You will also find images, notifications, bookmarks, and contact information for a smooth and easy buying experience. You can use these softwares to post on craigslist.


Edmunds - Top Car Buying app
Edmunds, the name speaks of volume and class. It is one of the best car buying apps available presently. However, the best thing about this app is the way it deals with the research part. The Research section allows the option to search based on the model and make. You can focus on a detailed review of the specified car to understand whether it’s the right choice or not. You can also compare features, present incentives, ownership costs, and other specifications to understand the best available option. There is an option to save the cars being searched or you have opted for. This app also comes with an affordability calculator as well as a loan and lease calculator that will ensure a smooth and perfect car buying experience. There is also a parking calculator available to see whether your vehicle will fit in the spot or not. In short, Edmunds is the complete car buying app that deals with options not available with other portals.

I See Cars

I see cars - Car buying app 2020
This is another great car buying app. Here, you have the option to search for cars using 59 different filters. This will ensure that you look for exactly the options without any further ado. There is also a price analysis tool to sort vehicles as per the best pricing options. There is an option to calculate the market value based on your search. You will also find ratings for every dealer to make your searching easier. The dealer scores will help you with the pricing info. Also, this app doesn’t irritate you with any of those annoying ads.


autogravity - best car buying app
AutoGravity is one of the best apps when you are looking to purchase a new car. It can filter the search through vehicle models, pricing, brand, etc. This app also offers financing options that you can pick before approaching a dealership store. Shopping for a new car with great savings is a big deal. This app brings you all the necessary info related to such deals and cashback offerings. This app connects buyers to lenders and dealers directly without taking much of your time. It is free to use, so get ready to bring home that dream car.

Best 5 Apps to buy used cars

Auto List

Auto List - best used car buying app
This is an excellent used car buying app. This app is available free to download on mobile. It comes with numerous features to make the search process a lot easier than ever. It has images of every car being featured. There are over a hundred dealers for used cars located in this app. The app notifies regularly regarding deals and offerings on different car models from different dealers. There are vehicles of different types listed in this app, be it the regular hatchbacks, sedans, SUVs, trucks, or minivans. There are some useful features data on vehicle price history, payment calculator, and instant price drop alerts.

Used Car Search Pro

Used Car Search Pro - best used car buying apps
Another fine option for those looking for used cars, this app scans from thousands of dealerships in geographical belts to enlist all the available used car options available. There are numerous options that you can consider, be it the ones that you want to use for private use or looking for commercial usage purposes. There are over 59 search filters, highlighting the best deals to meet your requirements. Used Car Search Pro also offers a unique Price Analysis Tool that helps in calculating the pricing and budget options.


Instamotor - best used car buying app 2020
Another useful app that searches for dealers of used cars and produces the results depending on your requirements and needs. The best thing about this app is that it provides a free vehicle history report that can prove to be useful for those who are planning to purchase a used vehicle. This report will make these potential buyers learn about the condition of the used vehicles and different details. This will help them in deciding whether to approach the options available or not. This app makes sure that every vehicle being listed is properly vetted against issues like odometer inconsistency, lemon history, salvage or branded title, weather damage, and other scenarios.

True Cars

True Cars - best car buying apps
TrueCar is an app that you can consider for purchasing used cars. You can filter your searches through model type, brand, ratings, and other options. True Cars also comes with an option that displays personalized offers from different dealers with best rates all-inclusive the fees and taxes. This site also offers the option to sell your car with no hassle. Almost every vehicle dealer is associated with True Cars. So, you will find it easy enough to locate the most appropriate dealer for the vehicle based on your locality preference. Moreover, the site also offers special deals and discount options from different dealers.

Car Dekho

Car Dekho - best car buying apps
A very useful app for purchasing cars, new or used, CarDekho has a lot of things to offer. You can do detailed research for the cars listed in this site. Look for the best deals and offerings. Figure out all the latest models being up for display and sale, see for yourself the best-used car options available along with dealers located close to your locality. Focus on the on-road price and compare deals from different dealers. The app also provides assistance with loans for the car, insurance for the vehicle, and a lot more. There is also an option to sell your car. The site features a lack of used cars on sale.

Used cars Vs New cars – which is a better option to go by?

Are you tight on your budget? Then, consider purchasing used cars. It will lead to better savings and at the same time, you will be able to pick on a premium model without investing a fortune.

Purchasing a car is not an easy task. There are lots of areas to show your concerns. You need to be alert in your decision-making process. Concentrate deeply on the budget affordability, the vehicle type you want to pick, make, model, and lots of other features. Also, you need to see whether full down-payment should be done upfront or there are other options available. What are the loan options available? The interest rates to be calculated along with the tenure of repayment, all these will come into scenario.

Purchasing a brand new car always has its share of excitement. An unused, straight from the factory vehicle you are going to bring home. That, in itself, is something to be excited about. However, if you are a first time purchaser for cars, and you want to drive it all on your own, consider picking a second-hand car. Since the investment will be less, anything crucial happening to the car will not be taking a deep toll on your mind.

In the last few years, the demand and sale of used cars have grown by near about 50%. However, there are pros and cons of buying a used car; the same goes for new vehicles as well. Let’s have a look:

Pros of buying a used car

Pricing – Used cars always cost a lot less when compared to new vehicles. If you are looking for a premium model for a luxury car, going for a second-hand car is the best option.
Depreciation – The depreciation cost is less when compared to a brand new car. If you are planning to resell the vehicle, this part will be helpful.
Road Tax – You will not have to worry about road tax for a used car as it will be already be paid for

Cons of Buying a Used Car

Outdated – More often than not, used cars are outdated models/versions. It can be difficult to find spares in certain cases.
Legal Issues – Unless not purchased from a reputed dealer, you may face some legal issues in context to accidents or something similar caused by the earlier owner.
Maintenance – This can be a big issue for second-hand vehicles

Pros of buying a new car

  • First owner
  • Latest technology
  • Extended warranty
  • Hassle-free maintenance

Cons of buying a new car

  • Higher maintenance cost
  • Higher depreciation fee
  • Overall, higher investment

Final Verdict

It all depends upon individual mindsets as to what type of vehicle to be purchased. The primary concern in most of the cases is budget affordability. Everything else is less significant in most of the cases. However, you must focus on all the areas we discussed before purchasing a vehicle, new or used.

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