best phone tracker app without permission

Best Phone Tracker App without Permission : Haven’t you tried phone tracking? Well, most of us have tried it at some point in our lives. But phone tracking makes sense only if you have a convenient tracking app to get things going. There are several phone tracker apps available online. Some of them, I mean to say the finest ones, will let you track down the phone’s location with ease. The use of location and GPS technology in a seamless way certainly helps in the process. Here, we shall be discussing 6 of the best phone tracker app without permission available presently. We shall be discussing the pros and cons of each of these apps. Now, let’s have a look at them closely.

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Lookout Mobile Security For Android/iPhone

best phone tracker app without permission
This app can well be described as an “all in one” security tool for your smartphone. Using this app, it becomes easier to locate your near and dear ones if you feel the need. The tool also comes with a built-in antivirus that protects your device from any virus and spam threats. It is a complete family security tool that periodically scans your device for any kind of internal problems and system vulnerabilities and then generates reports. There is also Wi-Fi security support available. There is a SCREAM feature that seems to be highly useful if your phone suddenly gets lost. This feature makes it easier to locate your device (in case it’s lying nearby). You can track anyone and it is a free app to track phone without them knowing.

  • Built-in antivirus helps in securing the device totally
  • Innovative SCREAM feature helps in easy locating of the phone
  • Excellent location tracking through Wi-Fi and GPS tracking
  • There is no option to track calls or even SMS of the targeted device
  • The tool is unable to perform social media monitoring
  • There is also no option to access web browsing history and bookmarks

Where’s My Droid For Android

best free phone tracker app without permission
Where’s My Droid can easily be regarded as the best phone tracker app without permission due to its immense popularity among phone users. What makes this tool so popular is the impressive features that can be accessed free of cost. This tool works exclusively with Android devices and you can use it to ring your phone, lock it, track it, and even receive reminders in case there has been a SIM card change. There is a paid version available too that comes with some additional features like deleting the entire device’s data, hiding the app icon to work invisibly, and taking pictures of those accessing the device.

  • The free version comes with quite an impressive set of features that makes phone tracking easier than ever
  • Option to send alerts when there is a SIM change on the device
  • Authentic target location tracking
  • Anonymous feature is available only with the paid version
  • Real-time location tracking is unavailable

Mobistealth – Best Phone Tracker app Free

phone tracker without permission
Mobistealth is another top-rated free phone tracker app available presently. It is a great tool for monitoring smartphones. This tool comes with some of the most impressive features and an extremely simple interface. The interface is such that even an inexperienced user can handle it with ease. This app can be used for tracking the target location with ease. The tool integrates with social media chat interfaces easily. This tool can be used to monitor the SM and call logs being sent from and received to the targeted device. I hope it answer the very popular question – Can you track someone’s phone without them knowing?

  • This tool can track down anyone while being hidden for the device being targeted
  • The app is capable of tracking down the exact location of the target
  • Such a simple interface makes this tool easy to use
  • Social media monitoring can be somewhat time-consuming
  • Premium features are available only with the Paid Version


phone tracker app without permission
Aispyer is rated among the top phone tracking apps available to date. It comes with loads and loads of features, each one unique and equally effective. The tool is not only restricted to Android but also iOS devices. Using this app, you can easily trace your lost device’s location. It is capable of social media monitoring, SMS monitoring, mobile number tracker online free with location, and call monitoring to name a few. The tool is extremely powerful in recording all the locations that the target device goes through. It even provides exact details of the timing of the visit. Recording the coordinates is another big advantage of using this tool.

  • The app can easily track location history, calls, social media interactions, and messages
  • Real-time tracking of locations with detailing on every movement
  • Option to view browsing history, bookmarks, and visited URLs
  • Expensive subscription price
  • Limited social media tracking option for iOS users
  • Limited functionality for non-rooted devices

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free phone tracker app without permission
When it comes to phone monitoring, there are only a handful of tools that promise authenticity, mSpy being one of them. This tool comes with many unique features that it excels in the device tracking services. It can track the location anonymously of any device. Moreover, this tool can also monitor SMS, social media chats, call logs, media gallery, web history, etc. for the users. Whether you are an Apple user or Android, this tool works seamlessly with any of the devices.

  • Works seamlessly with every platform and with most of the devices
  • Capable of monitoring social media interactions, media gallery, SMS, call history, call duration, browsing history, and email of the device being targeted
  • The app works anonymously with targeted devices
  • Can take a bit more to track when working with iOS devices
  • Most the features are accessible in the premium paid version

Spyera For Android/iPhone

phone tracking app without permission
Spyera is one of the best free phone tracker app without permission. This tool is one of the most powerful tracking tools in the market, thanks to its powerful features. Once installed, it is next to impossible to track this tool. This tool allows you to track location on the target device at all times along with the timing of their visit. It allows you to get access to calls history, SMS, emails, web history, Social media chats, and a lot of other things that are present in the target device. This app is also excellent for employees as well as parental monitoring purposes.

  • Location-based target device tracking in real-time
  • Offers the option to view SMS, calls, social media interactions, and other things from the device being tracked
  • Total anonymous tracking
  • Expensive if you want to purchase the premium version
  • Poor customer support service that can make things a lot irritating to manage troubleshoots

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Final words

Smartphone trackers are an important addition to our everyday life. We don’t know when there may be a requirement. Finding a suitable app is a necessary part of the process. I have tried to pick some of the best smartphone trackers that work without the need for any permission. You can consider these by checking them one by one. See for yourself which ones meet your expectation level best.

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