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Heart Rate Monitor App : Monitoring your heart rate is an essential part of the process. What I want to convey is the fact that with technological innovations, some apps and devices can monitor a person’s heart rate with ease. Take for example the smartwatches available these days. One of their primary functions is to monitor the heart rate of the wearer along with tracking the sleep activity; distance walked, the total duration of the workout, and lots more.

However, heart rate tracking apps are not restricted to smartwatches only. These days, there are apps that you can install in your smartphone to track your heart rate. Today, we shall be looking at some of those apps that can monitor your heart rate while predicting accurate results. Let’s have a look:

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Qardio Heart Health App Android/iPhone

best heart rate monitor app
This app has been clinically approved and considered one of the best heart rate monitor apps of 2020. Using easy and simple procedures, the app tracks down your heart rate, blood pressure, and weight-related data. This app is officially partnered with tech giant Samsung and works perfectly well with apps like Google Fit and My Fitness Pal. The app comes with several health tracking options along with producing reports in the form of charts to understand your health condition. The app is available for both Android and iOS.

Heart Analyzer App iPhone

best heart rate app
Another extremely useful heart rate tracking app, Heart Analyzer comes with a simple interface and provides a detailed graphical representation of the user’s heart rate. It analyzes deeply the heart rate, from average, max, min, to resting phase, and can be extremely useful to understand the overall condition of the heart. The app also comes with the option to provide your daily activity snapshot. However, this app is available only for iOS.

Instant Heart Rate App Android/iPhone

heart rate monitor apps
This is a free tool to monitor your heart rate. Simply download and install on your smartphone and measure your heart rate with ease. This app can be used to measure your pulse rate, BPM, and heart rate in less than 10 seconds. Simply place a finger on the camera of your phone and the tool will get the job done. This app works with both Android and iOS devices.

Cardiogram App Android/iPhone

heart rate apps android
Are you an iPhone user? If so, then this app will be an excellent choice to measure your heart rate. It is a dynamic heart rate checker for iOS devices and provides almost accurate results. You can easily sync this app with your iPhone. The app comes with some excellent features that help you improve your lifestyle. There are options to improve on your night’s sleep, relieve stress, achieve fitness goals, and lots more.

Pulse App Android

Pulse - heart rate apps iphone
This app comes with some excellent set of features and can deliver accurate results. Simply through processing the image of your blood in the finger (using the phone camera), it can calculate the heart rate most accurately. The app saves the data for later use and reference purpose. It is available only for Android devices.

Heart Graph App iPhone

heart rate monitor app iphone
This app is extremely user-friendly and easily tracks down your heart rate in different scenarios. It is one of the best heart rate monitor app for apple watch. The results are displayed through graphical representations. The reports derived from this tool make it easy enough for the doctors to understand the condition of your heart and work towards the diagnosis accordingly. This tool also makes it easy enough to track your daily activity. The app can be paired with an Apple watch easily. This app tracks the condition of the heart based on your activity level. The app is available only for iOS devices.

Cardio Heart Rate Monitor App Android/iPhone

heart beat rate app
Cardio Heart Rate Monitor (Heart rythm monitor app) is available for both Android as well as iOS devices. This app measures your pulse and heart rate easily, without the need for complicated procedures. The app can suggest the best tips and advice depending on your heart rate and can help you lead an improved life. There is a personal dashboard that displays data as per your choice, monthly, weekly, or even daily. You can even edit, save, and export the data.

Heart Beat Rate App Android

heart rate monitor app for iphone
This app is used for monitoring and measuring the heartbeat of the patient or simply anyone who wants to. The smartphone’s internal motion sensors are being used to measure the beats per min for a heart functioning process. The app also displays a cardiograph on the screen. There is also the option to use pulse rate for checking your fitness level, health, mood, active status, sickness, etc. This app is available only for the Android platform.

Polar Beat App Android

free heart rate app
This is another amazing smartphone heart rate monitor, but only for Android devices. This app is available free for use. It comes with some fine features, most notably distance estimation during training sessions, GPS route tracking, heartbeat live tracking, and lots more. The heart rate monitor app bluetooth connectivity feature makes it easy to track your health condition while you work out. There is also an option to set your daily goals. This will help you in tracking your timely achievements. Maintaining your health in the best way possible becomes easier with this app.

Welltory App Android/iPhone

best heart rate monitor app android
Another heart rate monitor app iphone to monitor your heart rate, Welltory performs the jobs through analyzing the blood flow information it receives from your fingertip. You need to place your fingertip on the phone camera to let the application function and receive the data. The accuracy is remarkably higher. The heartbeat data are saved categorically and displayed accordingly. The categories are Exercise, Post Exercise, Rest, and General. This app is available for both iOS and Android.


Measuring your pulse, tracking the performance of your heart, and calculating your BPM Level is essentially required. This will make sure you are on the right track or not. Health is important and you should never ignore the same. With the help of these heart rate monitoring apps, you get the chance to keep track of your vital organs (how they are performing internally) regularly. Never ignore their importance. Try these apps and be safe and healthy to enjoy a good life.

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