Are you a Truck Driver looking for Best Truck Driving Apps to improve your driving skills?

It can be tough driving through the roads, be it the busy streets within the city or the empty highway. Truck drivers have a bigger responsibility in hand. Running the big vehicle through the streets can be a big task and things need to be managed carefully. Unless the driver is well accustomed to the best tricks on driving, things can go seriously wrong. With free trucker apps, you can now practice more and improve your driving skills. Be it managing traffic or locating weigh and gas stations, there is every possible option available to deal with. Why not try one out and make things a lot better for you?

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Top 10 Best Trucker Apps (useful for Truckers)

best trucker apps

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TruckSmart Android/iPhone

TruckSmart - free trucker apps
TruckSmart can be termed as an all-rounder in the category of best free truck driving apps. Using this app, you can manage a whole lot of things while driving on the road like parking, food, truck services, and lots more. The new updated version can help truck drivers a lot with the driving. Using this app, you can easily search for TA and Petro express locations. You can even reserve and pay for the parking and showers through the app. The app also offers real-time location updates as well as construction and weather updates. Using this app, you can even contact Road Squad Emergency Breakdown Service.

GasBuddy Android/iPhone

GasBuddy - truck driving apps

This is another app that can prove to be quite useful for truck drivers. Using this app, truck drivers can figure out the cheapest gas options available in the locality. The app provides locations of the nearest gas stations in the area you are driving. It also compares the prices of gas in different stations. There is also a rewards program if you shop from specific partners.

Trucker Path Android/iPhone

Trucker Path - best apps for truck drivers

This is again one of the most popular trucks driving apps available. It is extremely popular among truck drivers. Not only does this app display truck stops, but it also shows all the nearest parking spaces, weigh stations, gas stations, and also displays info related to fuel pricing, local and outskirt traffic situation, etc. The app also comes with different other useful features like trip planner and navigation. All these features make this Trucker Path app a perfectly one-stop solution for truck drivers.

BigRoad Android/iPhone

BigRoad - truck driving apps 2020

BigRoad is another high utility app for truck drivers. It is one of those best trucker apps that helps in keeping daily logs accurately. Keeping the log files ready for inspection is an important activity for truck drivers and this app makes the process a lot easier. However, this app doesn’t come for free. There is a small monthly fee required to be paid for using this app. You also get the DASHLINK product that helps in creating the inspection ready reports and maintaining logs automatically.

CoPilot Truck iPhone

CoPilot Truck - apps for truck drivers 2020

The CoPilot Truck is a GPS app that guides you through the road and takes you to the destination. It is a trusted and verified app that offers an exact route map and safest roads to drive through. It also focuses on truck restricted roads and low bridges, marking them clearly to avoid. This app helps the driver figure out the most efficient route to drive through, thus making the drive safe and perfectly on time.

Truck Bubba Android

Truck Bubba - useful apps for truck drivers

Truck Bubba is the app that you can use to figure out weigh stations, pump and gas stations, truck stops, and can even make trip planning. It also comes with a highly powerful GPS that promises excellent navigation through the roads. Using this app, truck drivers can be assured of safe and sound driving without making hassles. This is an excellent truck driving app and must be included in the list.

FleetSafer Mobile Android/iPhone

FleetSafer Mobile - truck driving apps 2020

One of the best truck driving apps available now, FleetSafer Mobile primarily focuses on safe driving. The app takes every measure to keep the driver safe while driving the vehicle. Once the app is installed and enabled, it will automatically detect the time when driving starts and will put the phone of the driver into SAFE MODE. This will keep away the driver from all the telephonic distractions while ensuring a safe drive all through the way.

Trucker Tools Android/iPhone

Trucker Tools - best apps for truckers

The Trucker Tools app comes with a wide range of features. The best part about this app is that it is available for free. Using this app, you can view and book loads without any problem. This tool boasts a tremendous private network of all the premium loads from the preferred brokers that help in saving a lot of time and extra money while trying to book the next load.

Weather Channel Android/iPhone

Weather Channel - best trucker apps

This app may not be tagged as a TRUCK DRIVER SPECIFIC but can be a useful one. This app keeps the driver updated with the latest weather conditions as well as the expected climatic scenario in the upcoming two weeks. This app never provides any info on road conditions but it certainly alerts you on the upcoming weather conditions. So, you as a driver will at least have the necessary time to get prepared while going out with the vehicle.

Heavy Truck Simulator Android/iPhone

Heavy Truck Simulator - Useful trucker apps 2020

Finally, this list will never be complete without this one. This game is one of the better ways to learn different tricks of truck driving. There are different levels to go through. The developers have made the game realistic by mimicking the perfect physics of truck driving, including those small bumps on the roads. The assignments are realistic enough to enjoy the show. The game also includes legislation aspects, making the drivers receiving tickets in case of transgressions.

Best Trucker Apps: Final Words

No one app can be considered the best in business when it comes to truck driving. Each app comes with its own set of benefits. Henceforth, I have tried to make a list based on different utility apps that can prove useful for truck drivers. You can try them out one by one to understand their advantages and working process. Just make sure you ride safely and enjoy the show.

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