How to Make Fake Walmart Receipt Replica online?

How to make fake Walmart receipt online?

At a times, it happens that you purchased something from nearby Walmart store but you lost the receipt. you should always preserve your Walmart receipts at a safe place as they are required for various reasons like claiming warranty, return process etc. If you have lost your Walmart receipt, fortunately, there’s a solution at hand – consider using a reliable Walmart receipt maker to recreate your lost receipt, ensuring you have the necessary documentation for warranty claims and returns.

Here, i have mentioned a very easy way that will help you generate replica of your lost Walmart receipt that look the same like Walmart. This is a template that you can use according to your requirement and can prepare Walmart receipts for any items you want.

Just follow the below steps to get a Walmart receipt online :

  • Go to this link.
  • Here, you will have to enter the receipt details as under:
  • Select Font Style: From here, you can select the desired font style you want to use in the receipt.
  • Select Date: Select the desired date you want the receipt for. You can select any date here.
  • Select Time: Select your desired time here that will appear on your walmart receipt.
  • Business Name: Enter the business name of the store that you are making receipt of here.
  • Address: Enter the Address of the store name that you used in the above step here. This address will be visible under the business name.
  • City & State: Enter the City & State name of the Store name entered above here.
  • Telephone: Enter the Contact details you want to use in the receipt here.
  • Choose Currency: Choose the desired currency from the list here. The list has almost every currency support here.
  • Tax Rate: Choose the tax type from here. The tax typeT should be chosen according to the category of the item you are mentioning in the receipt.
  • Tax Percentage: Choose the tax slab percentage according to your purchase item.
  • Payment Details: Enter your Payment details here. You can mention here how the payment was made .i.e. Cash, Amex, Visa, Mastercard etc. If you are using any card, enter the details in VISA XXXX format where, XXXX are the last 4 digits of your card.
  • Custom Text: Enter any custom text here that you want to appear on the Walmart receipt.
  • Item Details: Enter here the details of the items purchased. You can enter as many items as you want with their quantity, description(name) and Amount. Just hit “+” icon and enter further items.
  • Upload Logo: Upload here the logo of the store used in the above steps. This will be printed on the receipt.
  • Make Receipt: Finally, once all the detail are filled, click on the “make receipt” button to download the Walmart receipt generated. This is a printable receipt and can be used anywhere.

Here is a sample copy of the receipt that you will get once you complete all the above steps.

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