Psiphon For PC

PSIPHON FOR PC 2021: Hello friends, if you are looking to download the Psiphon for your pc (windows 7, 8, 10) then you have reached the best platform. Read here full guide on how to use psiphon 3 on your PC and how to speed up Psiphon connection.

What is Psiphon VPN?

Psiphon is nothing but a free online Internet tool, which uses a combination of secure communication and obfuscation technologies” like VPN, SSH, and HTTP Proxy. In other words it is a clear way that allows the users to assess the websites which are Blocked or when you don’t want your IP address to be traced so in that case, you can use this Psiphon. By using this even you will be able to access the uncensored and government blocked websites.

Psiphon for PC History

Psiphon was established in the year of 2007 and it was established as an independent Canadian corporation that develops advanced censorship circumvention systems and technologies. At the early time Psiphon and citizen labs collaborated. Psiphon is currently working on the projects 3.0, 2.0, 1.0 but 1.X is no longer supported by Psiphon or by citizen labs. Their project 3.0 is about a cloud based run-time tunneling system, and project 2.0 is about a cloud-based secure proxy system, and 1.0 is about the original version which was created for home based VPN tethering service.

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Psiphon VPN Latest Version

The latest version of Psiphon is Psiphon 3 Build 150.

Psiphon for windows

Psiphon was developed only for smartphones. Whereas Psiphon 3 was developed and available to use in smartphone from very large time. As this tool was developed many users started thinking to use this tool in there pc. So if you are one of those looking to download the Psiphon for your pc read the below instructions carefully.
To download Psiphon For windows 10, follow these instructions given below.

Psiphon 3 unblocked  for windows 10

  1. To download the Psiphon for windows 10 click this Link –
  2. You will find a download button on the top right corner coloured in green.
  3. Now you have to just click on the download button.
  4. A new pop up tab will open. You do not need to worry as it’s not malware.
  5. After a few seconds the download will get started automatically.
  6. If it doesn’t start you will find a highlighted text which will lead you to download the software.
  7. The Psiphon software size is around 2.3 MB.
  8. It will get downloaded in the form of a zip file.
  9. Now the next step is to install the Psiphon software. After the download now click on the zip file and then you have to allow the administration to run the installation process. Now just extract the Psiphon file at the destination where you want to save the file (local disk D, C, E).
  10. The Psiphon software is installed successfully.

How to use Psiphon Unblocked for windows

When compared to an android smartphone, use of Psiphon for windows is a little bit different. In order to use Psiphon in your windows first you need to check the authenticity and verify the copy of Psiphon windows.

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How does Psiphon for PC works

  • After Successful installation and before using this Psiphon you must know how it works. So read the following instructions.
  • Now click on Psiphon icon to start. After this you will notice your Psiphon will automatically get connected and starts to run. At this point you will notice that the rotating icon is appeared and you will be asked to select tunnel modes. There will be three tunnel mode options available.
  • Now you have to choose only one you like to use for connection.
  • When you select these, your connection is automatically established. In VPN mode all your actions will be monitored by Psiphon.
  • If you have selected SSH and SSH + modes then It automatically sets psiphon proxy settings for pc. This is the main advantage of using Psiphon. At this point your device linked with the network gets disconnected and now it is under Psiphon control. Even while using Psiphon in SSH and SSH+ modes Psiphon provides you with a split tunnel option. This split tunnel option will enable you international traffic to tunnel through Proxy and domestic traffic is not. If you want to check the “Don’t Proxy domestic Web sites” option to enable split tunneling. If you ON this option you will be able to see the reported message area of unproxied domains.
  • Now you can freely surf through all the websites all over the world without any blockage.
  • If you want to close or disconnect the program then your Psiphon automatically gets closed. Or even you can click on the icon to toggle the Psiphon connection.

Psiphon 3 for windows 7/8

For Windows 64/32 bit:

This software (Psiphon) is compatible for both 64 bit program and 32 bit program.
For knowing How to download Psiphon for windows 7 follow the below instructions:

  1. Go to the given URL/Link :-
  2. You will find a free download button; you can also read the technical details related to the software.
  3. Now click on the download button and it will redirect you to a page where you find a button saying Free Download, just click on the button, your download will get automatically started. The file size will be around 6.9 – 7.0 MB.
  4. After the download gets completed just open the zip file and extract the main program at the destination (local disk D, C, E).
  5. After the installation just click on the icon of the software and the software will start running.

How to use Psiphon For PC on windows 7/8/10?

Psiphon is software which will allow you to grasp the internet from another IP address or DNS server, and also you can enter into a blocked website and the advantage is that your IP address will not be shown to anybody so that you will be safe.

  1. First of all, open the software.
  2. After opening you see different sections like host, Username, password etc…
  3. Select your country or else you can use another country server through VPN.
  4. Then just go to the blocked website which you want to unblock.
  5. After reaching the destination copy the URL of the website.
  6. And just paste it in the Host section and click on the connect button.
  7. As you will click on the connect button, the software will grasp the details and unblock the website and you can easily download and perform your activity on the certain website.

Psiphon for Mobile:

How to download Psiphon on mobile?

  1. In order to download Psiphon on your Smartphone (ANDROID or IOS) Go to playstore (for android)
    Click on the link to reach directly to the playstore: Download Psiphon For Mobile
  2. Or after going to the app play store, Just go to the search bar and type “Psiphon pro”.
  3. You will get the app and just download it and install it, it happens automatically.
  4. The Psiphon Apk will appear on your app menu.

How to use Psiphon on mobile (For ANDROID or IOS)?

  1. Click on the application, you will see the main interface.
  2. Now just go to the browser which you use mostly and go to the website which is blocked.
  3. Now when you see that the website is telling “This site cannot be reached” or “This site is blocked” Now again go to the application.
  4. Now after switching to the application you will see that the app is being connected to the server of the website which is blocked and automatically after a few seconds the website will become enabled, so that you can use it easily. You can use Psiphon Handler also.

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Comparison between PSIPHON VPN and NORD VPN:

Psiphon has 1000 servers in over 20 countries all over the world with a high number of users.Nord VPN has 3000 servers over 60 countries all over the world.
Psiphon is comparatively cheaper than other apps.Nord VPN is somewhat costlier than Psiphon.
Psiphon is available on Android and windows, not on Mac/ IOS.Nord VPN is available for all platforms.

Advantages and disadvantages of Psiphon

Psiphon allows you to access web content over a secured tunnel. Thus we can access the web without any cost. Moreover Psiphon allows you to access the blocked websites and web content. So it is a great tool for some people. Even if you want a paid version known as Psiphon pro is available with some extra great features.

Psiphon is a great VPN customized app but the disadvantage is that the app records the activities performed by you but also the authorization considers that the details recorded will be safe and private, it’s just for analytics. This program is available in only 20 countries all over the world but it has more users. You can only contact the support team via Gmail or you can message them but you cannot call them and response gets delayed too.

Overall Review of Psiphon

Psiphon is a software that provides you VPN tethering by bypassing firewalls and other security services. Psiphon is available in over 20 countries. It offers additional proxy and protocol options to maximize the chance of successfully accessing your chosen sites. It catches a speed of 2MBP/S on free internet. Psiphon is sponsored by many other applications. The company offers several workarounds, including downloading the Android app directly or emailing the firm for download links.

Is using Psiphon safe for me?

If you are using the Psiphon in order to open the blocked websites or something, yes it is very much preventive and safe. Psiphon is connected through ports like VPN 1723 & SSH 22. But it’s like if you use someone’s data in huge then he might wonder where my data is lost then he may configure that someone is using his data. But if you are using your own Internet then there is no one to trace you. So, yes it is safe to use.

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What are the best alternatives of Psiphon?

Psiphon enables you to access the unauthorised websites without restrictions or blockage. Below you can find some of the best alternatives of Psiphon.

  1. Hotspot shield – One of the best alternatives of Psiphon is HOTSPOT SHIELD this enables you to travel all around the Internet without any stoppage. None of the person will be able to trace your identity. By using this shield you can visit any website without any blockage.Visit here –
  2. Hola – This website uses FTO in order to maintain your privacy. This is another excellent website alternative to Psiphon. You can check below. visit here:-
  3. Secure Line VPN – This provides the best platform for users to enable best internet experience all over the world. Visit here –

What charges I have to spend for the Psiphon to use?

For Psiphon both the versions are available as a paid version as well as free version. The paid version of Psiphon is known as “Psiphon pro”. As per your choice you can use any of them. You will get some extra features in the paid version of Psiphon. I have provided you the link to download the Psiphon pro versions.

Does Psiphon really hide the IP ADDRESS?

I say yes, but the thing you need to understand is when you use the Psiphon in your windows or on a smartphone. The Psiphon doesn’t show your IP address but it shows the IP address of any other geographical area in order to prevent your original IP address. So the other person can’t find you. As per your choice you can use a set of Proxy server to connect to Psiphon servers this will be useful for ISP blocking for extra protection.

Why is Psiphon free but other VPN modes need paying?

If you are having this doubt I will make you clear that Psiphon can be used only for blocked websites. And you will not be able to include streaming like NETFLIX, HULL, and AMAZON PRIME etc.
Lots of people prefer to use Psiphon for their android phone as well as Windows PC because it’s free.

How can I run IDM with Psiphon?

  1. First of all connect Psiphon with the internet.
  2. Now, open IDM.
  3. Select the options: Proxy / socks
  4. Now in the next step, you have to click on the “Get from IE” button beside the proxy / socks configuration.
  5. Now just click on the ‘Use proxy’ check box given below. Now you can observe Proxy server address and Port field will be automatically filled no need to think about it.

The procedure here is completed, now you can use IDM with Psiphon. IDM will pick addresses now. You just need to Make sure you click on the download button after IDM shows the size of the file you want to download, this may take 5- 8 seconds sometimes.

Can I change the IP address of my laptop by using this software called PSIPHON?

No, you cannot change the IP address of your laptop by using Psiphon but the software Psiphon will route your DNS server by using VPN or SSH tunnel, and if you try to reach some blocked websites and unblock them then Psiphon will change your IP address for the observer who is looking into the list of trespassers. The Psiphon will make the IP address in the form that any authorization can locate your device.

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Final Conclusion

Psiphon 3 does, obviously, have extreme impediments. The most striking of these is that it is moderate. In any event, paying for a “most extreme speed” membership in the Pro application just nets you around 6 Mbps download speed. Be that as it may, this overlooks the main issue. Psiphon is a free enemy of a control device that works. In light of the heap of remarks about it that we get, numerous individuals in prohibitive provinces think that it is valuable. Psiphon for mac is also available in the market if you want to use it on your mac.

One issue that does regularly come up is clients approaching us for help (which we can’t give). This is on the grounds that Psiphon Inc. itself gives no help. Given that Psiphon is extremely well known, in any case, it is unreasonable to anticipate that an organization should bolster what is fundamentally a free item.