5 Best Live TV Apps to watch Live TV on Smartphone (Android/iPhone) in 2024

The popularity of Best LIVE TV apps is becoming humongous by the day. No, I am not saying that TV viewing audiences are decreasing by the day; rather, what I want to convey is the fact that more and more people are finding the concept of LIVE TV Streaming Free on smartphones intriguing and useful. It is a highly convenient way to enjoy LIVE TV shows while being on the move or when someone else is watching some other programs on the television. This is something that makes sense, having an app that can host LIVE TV on your smartphone.

Looking at the popularity of Best TV Streaming apps, I have tried to figure out some of the most reliable options available presently. There are numerous live TV apps available. Picking a selective few from those was a tough task. Still, I tried my best to pick up the most user-friendly and effective Best Free Live TV apps to watch out for. Have a look:

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Sony LIV

Sony LIV - live tv apps
This is the web platform from SONY Television from where it hosts the entire license’s content online internationally. The Sony LIV TV is available for free and works on the concept of ad revenue viewership model. However, there is also a subscription plan where viewers can enjoy additional content in advance and that too without the irritating ads. Without the paid premium version, you will be able to watch all the Live TV programs with a 5-min delay on best live tv streaming service 2020. But with subscription, you can watch the live versions without any delay. The app supports all the iOS and Android devices, be it smartphones, smart dongles, or smart televisions. The app comes loaded with hundreds and thousands of movies from different languages. You can also find the content of different genres available to access. Sports channels, all the major ones as well as those that are being produced under SONY LIV are also available.

Live Net TV

Live Net TV - free live tv apps

Live Net TV is another popular streaming Live TV apps of television programs. It is often regarded as one of the best live TV apps available that make live streaming easier even during larger traffic congestion through the use of alternative links. There is also the option to request a channel and in most cases; the channel is added within a few days. Live Net TV presently supports both iOS and Android devices as well as smart units like KODI and Firestick. The app comes with a very user-friendly interface. However, the best part about this app is support for external players. This is a big advantage. Add to it the option to save all your live streaming as well as the regular programs for later viewing. Enjoy uninterrupted live scheduling with this app.


UK TV Now - best free live tv streaming apps

It is one of the best live TV apps available to date. This app is extremely popular in some of the first world countries like the United Kingdom, the United States, and Canada. UK TV Now also provides the option to browse channels from 10 different countries while focusing on 9 different categories. The user interface is simple and very well organized. There are over 150 channels to explore, be it movies, documentary, or kids to look into. There are no hidden costs or in-app purchases when you download this app. In short, this app is available for free. This app works fine with both Android and iOS platforms. Additionally, it also supports Chromecast, firestick, Kodi, and most of the other smart screening dongles. The buffering speed is impressive and accessing this app is easier than most of the other options available on this list. Like Live Net TV, this app also supports the use of an external player for viewing the programs. It also promises video scheduling.

Hulu TV App

Hulu TV App - live tv streaming apps

A very popular TV app, Hulu features over three hundred TV channels from different segments. It is one such TV app that will never annoy the users with those irritating ads that flush now and then between the shows. Hulu is compatible with most of the internet devices and hence you will never miss on your favorite sports or television series once you have access to this app. Hulu also supports Chromecast, Firestick, and Kodi. Hulu is the best platform to catch up on all your favorite comedy shows. It also features a wide range of movies from all over the world. Moreover, you have the option to save your favorite shows and even movies to watch later.

Thop TV

Thop TV - best live tv streaming apps

Thop TV is an interesting addition to this list of best apps to watch live tv. In fact, without mentioning this TV app, the list would not have been completed. It is an IP TV app, one of the best in the present day scenario. Available as Android live tv apps only, there are thousands of channels available to access from different countries all over the globe. The application also comes with the radio feature, allowing the users to access radio stations from different parts of the world. This is the most unique feature of this app. Additionally Thop TV allows the users to download the movies and television series without any limitations. What makes Thop TV a great inclusion to this list is its performance. Yes, there are no lags, all credits to the developers who keep upgrading the app at regular intervals. This app is a must for those who are looking to download movies and shows from different countries. Additionally, you also have the option to choose the audio language and subtitle for the shows and movies streaming through this app. Try it! It is one of the best tv streaming apps.

Final words

So, you have learned about some cool Live TV apps that can replace your regular television cable connection. Yes, once you have access to these apps, watching television channels and live events become a lot easier and convenient. Also, it saves big in your pocket. You will not have to pay for cable television bills. You simply subscribe to one of these apps and enjoy the shows and movies lifetime, for free! So, what are you waiting for? Try them to see which one suits your needs perfectly. Do comment on the below box to let me know.

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