Are you Looking for the Best Apps for writers for Android to edit and proofread documents online?

Blogging and web content writing is gaining popularity of late. Online writing promises a lucrative earning opportunity. However, the style of writing may vary from one person to another. Grammatical errors can spoil the show. To make things look better and acceptable, there are several apps for writers available today. Here, we shall be discussing some of the best apps for writers 2020 available to excite the writers.

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Notepad - Best apps for writers

Any writing app list will never get fulfilled without the inclusion of this name. Notepad is a concise text editor, available exclusively for the Android and Windows platform. It is a simple writing tool that promises an easy interface and minimal space engagement. It works perfectly offline and makes it convenient for writers to develop documents and new write-ups.

TextEdit For Mac

Text Edit - Best writer Apps 2020

Identical to Notepad, this writing app works only on Mac devices. It is one of the best free writing apps. All the features of the notepad are there with Text Edit, plus there are some extra benefits too. With this app, the user can include audio, video, and image files to a word document. Also, the user can edit an image using this app.

Pro Writing Aid

Pro Writing Aid - Best writer Apps

Pro Writing Aid is one of the most popular and effective creative writing apps available in 2020. Using this app, you can create unique and informative content that will hold the attention of the readers. There is no need for manual checking of errors or redundant words within the content. Rather, the app will handle all those tasks within a matter of a few seconds to make things look better and more approachable. This app is available for free and it can help in enhancing your writing capability to an altogether new level.

One Look

One Look - Best writer App

One Look promises the perfect assistance for all those professional writers out there. Here, you will get a concise dictionary, featuring linguistic, explanatory, orthographic, and every other anthology. The best part of One Look is the Reverse Dictionary where you can look for synonyms or even the exact words that meet the definition. Those who want to enhance their vocabulary skills, One Look proves a handy option to consider.

Google Docs

Google Docs - top writer Apps 2020

Who hasn’t heard about Google Docs? This ever-popular, globally renowned best writing apps is packed with loads of features. However, the best and most effective feature is its autonomous editing mode that allows you to save content offline and then on the web once the internet is active. The cloud-based service offered by Google Docs makes it easy to manage documents and files from anywhere.


Hemingway - best Word writer Appss 2020

Hemingway is one of the best apps for writers and a highly interactive editor. If you find it difficult to frame sentences, try using Hemingway. It marks every area where improvements can be made. This app comes with a feature called READABILITY GRADE LEVELS. Using this feature, you can frame sentences and write efficiently. The text analyzing feature helps in suggesting areas of improvement, structuring sentences, and picking the perfect choice of words.


Calmly - best app for writers

Calmly is an online writing app that comes with a highly intuitive interface, perfect for editing texts in real-time. The overall setup has a professional look and can meet the overall requirements of writers. Calmly can be the most rightful alternative to Google Docs. If you are doing more and more writing regularly, Calmly can meet your requirements perfectly. The extensive text formatting options available with this tool helps users improve their writing skills.


Libreoffice - top writer Apps

LibreOffice is your essential writing tool that writers will find quite handy to work with. This tool comes with different graphics and text formats. It is available as a web version (accessing directly online), and also a desktop (offline) version. It even features an HTML editor, calculator for digital sheets, presentation tool, database management tools, and mathematical editing tool. This tool is available for free.


Canva - best writer Apps

Canva is another excellent word editor for those who have a flair for writing. This tool makes word documents formatting a lot easier. Whether you are looking to compose a CV or writing an advertisement brochure for your business, there are numerous templates available to manage proceedings. The interface is extremely user-friendly and you will find it easier to manage proceedings as per the requirements. Well, this excellent tool is not available for free. But that said, every penny you invest in Canva is worth the deal. This is one of the most effective paid word editors available to manage proceedings.


Grammarly - Best writer Apps

This list will remain incomplete without enlisting Grammarly. Arguably the most sorted after writing app to date, Grammarly is a complete word editing tool. It offers support with spelling check, grammar correction, punctuation errors, and also provides suggestions to improve the tone of the content. The tone (a paid feature) is capable of setting customizable goals in regards to the audience type, style of content, emotional attachment, and overall intent. Grammarly helps in improving the overall vocabulary and writing skills of a person. Use it regularly and you will notice the impact!


Scrivener - Best writer App

Another excellent writing tool, Scrivener can help you handle complex writing scenarios. Whether you are considering Ph.D. dissertations, developing course materials, composing unique studies, or writing a book, Scrivener is there to manage proceedings smartly. There are options to add comments, create drafts, and even subdivide chapters to work on them at a later stage.

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There are many word editors and writing apps available. Here, we have tried focusing on those tools that can be availed free of cost. Most of the mentioned options come for free (at least the base version). However, those who are into professional writing jobs, they can opt for the premium versions of these tools for more features and options. Developing content is a great responsibility and requires tremendous skills. With the right kind of word tools, writers can now create content with better intent and much gripping tone. Try using some of the above-mentioned best apps for writers to see for yourself which one suits your requirements the best.

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