Are you a writer? You must surely be looking for the Best Book Writing Software 2020 to hone your writing skills.

Writing a book may be trickier than it may seem to be! No, I am not disheartening you all. What I want to convey is that you should look for the correct tools for writing. That is what truly matters. You need to understand the correct ways to frame sentences, the use of the right words, catchier phrases, and lots more. With a suitable book writing software, you will be able to manage all these with ease. The tool will be there to guide you through all the jargon and trickier parts.

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Here, we shall be discussing some of the book writing tools considered to be much effective for creative writers and authors. Let’s start:

Google Docs

Google Docs - book writing software
This one will always be at the top of my list. Available for free, Google Docs has a simple yet highly intuitive interface. There is no need to worry about data backup since the entire tool works on the cloud concept. Google Docs promise excellent collaboration options. There is an option to invite, edit, view, and even track changes in a document. There is also the option to leave comments on the space available under every story.


Vellum - free book writing software
Looking for tools that can help you transform your regular book into an eBook version? Well, Vellum is there to handle the part perfectly. While there are lots of other tools available too for eBook creation, Vellum is relatively easy to use. Also, it works towards creating beautiful eBooks. There is a “previewer” option in Vellum where the user can witness every edit or formatting changes happening on the pages. There is also option based formatting that allows you to manage the designing of eBooks more convincingly.

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word - best book writing software
Does it require any introduction? Microsoft Word is one of the best book writing software tools available. The interface is extremely user-friendly and you will find lots of options to edit and format your word document using this tool. There is a free trial version available. However, the paid version comes with numerous features and online help that promise excellent guidance to your book writing project.


Hemmingway - software for writing a book
Sentence formation can be the trickiest thing to consider. How well you can convey the message through the correct formation of words is something that requires expertise, knowledge, and the right skills. A suitable book editing or writing app can help; Hemmingway is the one to consider. It is free and helps in checking the readability of the content. Simply copy and paste the typed content into the INPUT BOX of the site and Hemmingway will check with the grammatical part of the document. Whether it is passive voice, adverb usage, or overall sentence formation, every part will be checked perfectly. Hemmingway is a great editor for your Book Writing projects.

Google Sheets

Google Sheets - best software for writing a book
An online writing tool, Google Sheets is available for free. Using this tool, you get an idea of all the essential elements that your book comprises. Use this tool to distill your document’s essential information with ease. Google’s spreadsheet tool can be used for a whole lot of activities like scene listing, outlining, character tracking, etc. All these and many more, for free!

Scrivener – Paid Book writing Software

scrivener writing software
Scrivener is not a free tool – you need to keep this in mind. However, it is probably the best-paid app available to edit or write a book. “Premium” is the word to be used for this tool. This tool comes with a wide plethora of features that make book writing easier than expected. The BINDER option can be used to break down the book into sections and chapters. Reorganizing the book becomes easier than ever. The TARGETS allow you to create different word count goals while ensuring regular progress tracking.

ProWritingAid – Book writing App

Pro Writing Aid - free book writing software for beginners
This is an excellent tool for writers. Well, ProWritingAid is not your regular book writing software tool; rather, it is a book editing tool. If you are finding it difficult to structure a sentence properly or looking for an innovative writing style, ProWritingAid will provide you with the best solutions. It will also help you with the spellings and rectify the grammatical errors. It is available for free; however, a paid version is also available for $60 annually.

Ulysses – Best Book writing Software for Mac

Ulysses - book writing software for mac
Ulysses is a writing tool exclusively for Mac users. This is an excellent tool to sync between different devices to make your document readily available wherever you may be. The process is seamless and takes no time at all to get things done. The tool comes with a binder-like sidebar through which you can move documents from one place to another. There may well be a requirement for some configuration, but once done, you will find this app much intuitive to handle.


Scribus - online writing software
Want to create attractive looking cover pages and overall outlook of your books and magazines with ease? Use Scribus to manage the proceedings. When it comes to formatting and appearance, this tool has an excellent reputation to manage proceedings. First-time users may find it a little complicated but once understood, this tool will never be a problem to handle.

Focus Writer

Focus Writer - memoir writing software
Another excellent book writing software took, Focus Writer comes with lots of features and functions to manage your book writing. It has some excellent customization features where things can be managed and made to look attractive. Keeping track of the progress rate is also carried out as per the situations. There is also the option to add different sound effects while you work. It may not be the best editing tool available, but Focus Writer is a lovely tool to create original content with ease.

Final words

Writing a book with the right software tool can make a world of difference to the outcome. Be it proofreading, editing, sentence formation, or title strength, a suitable book writing tool will manage these scenarios in the most confident ways. Above are some of the most reliable writing tools. Try them and see for yourself!

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