Are you looking for the Best Word Game Apps to play on your Android/iOS mobile in 2020?
Do you love spending your leisure time playing word games? Well, there are plenty of word games available that can help you go through leisure time. These games are challenging enough to keep you glued to the edge of the seat. Whether it is about challenging your vocabulary skills or taking part in the tricky crossword puzzles, there are plenty of options available to get the fun going.

Let’s look at the free word game apps for android for the year 2020.

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Typeshift Android / iPhone

One of the best word game apps to play with friends ever, Typeshift is a perfect culmination of anagrams and crosswords. This game is not only about finding the word but also features multiple columns along with letters to create words that exist there. It is extremely challenging a game while being addictive enough to keep you engaged for long. This game is available for both iOS and Android platforms.

Typeshift - Best Word Game Apps 2020

Blackbar Android/iPhone

This is certainly one of the best word game apps 2020 to hit the list this year. It is extremely innovative and much different from the other names you will find in the list. This word game comes with a story. You go through the story and then in between the lines, there may be a word or two being censored with black or blank space. Your task will be to identify the appropriate word for that space. The game can be quite challenging but extremely entertaining. Again, this game is available for both Android and iOS.

Blackbar - Best Word Game Apps

Word Cookies Android/iPhone

Your regular “word search” game is here! Word Cookies is a simple, nice and one of most  popular word games available for Android, Windows, and iOS platforms. The interface is clean and easy to navigate. Although not much of a bigger name like the above-mentioned options, this game enjoys a strong fan following. Word Cookies never take much space.

Word Cookies - top Word Game Apps

Four Letters Android/iPhone

Four Letters is a fun-filled free word game apps for iPad. This game allows the user the option to search a word within a stipulated time frame. Download it free for any of the platforms; this game can be quite addictive. With every level, it tends to become a little bit trickier. This game comes with a simple interface and can be a nice option to spend your leisure time while improving the vocabulary.

Four Letters - Word Game App

Alphabear Android/iPhone

This is one of the most unique word strategy games available in iOS and Android platforms. There are numerous options to build upon your vocabulary. The cute dancing bears will bring a smile to your face. The interface looks so soothing and much different from the regular word game apps. This word game is truly enjoyable and challenging as well.

Alphabear - top Word Game Apps 2020

Wheel of fortune Android/iPhone

This game is based on the popular TV show. Similar to the TV show, this game also provides you the option to turn the wheel and pick the puzzle. It is an interesting affair and you can enjoy this game with your friends and family members. There is also an option to compete for prizes and play rounds based on timer setting. This word game app is available for both Android and IOS platforms.

Wheel of fortune - best Word Game Appss 2020

Word Connect Android/iPhone

This word game comes with that ever-popular classic look and you will love being part of it. There are numerous playability options available to challenge your vocabulary level. This game is available for Windows, Android, and iOS platforms. The basic game can be downloaded for free; however, there are in-app purchases available on offer.

Word Connect - best Word Game App

New York Times Crossword Android/iPhone

The ever-popular Crossword puzzle is here to try. Yes, you can try the demo version for a week, beyond which you need to pay a registration amount to be part of this popular word game. Get engaged in playing the puzzles and crosswords featured in the New York Times daily. Again, this popular app is available for all three platforms: Windows, iOS, and Android.

New York Times Crossword - top Word Game App

Wordscapes Android/iPhone

This is a popular word game and enjoys tremendous popularity among users from all over the world. It is easy to install and comes with a smooth interface. The initial levels are easy to deal with; however, the higher you climb, the more difficult it tends to become. The background is such that it creates a soothing effect on the minds of the users. This game is available for iOS, Windows, and Android. You can download it for free.

Wordscapes - Best Word Game Apps

Word Search Pro Android/iPhone

This app has a beautiful interface and you can download it for free. It comes with unlimited puzzles, three difficulty levels, and an extremely bright look. There are daily challenges to deal with. There are so many nice animations that can make you fall in love with this game. This game is rated among the top 3 word games in the iOS store. It is available for the Android platform also.

Word Search Pro - Word Game Apps

Letter Press Android/iPhone

Do you like scrabbles? Well, LetterPress is the game to meet your expectations if you are looking for an app to scrabble words. The interface is simple and user-friendly. You can play solo, challenge a bot, or even play with your friends in this game. This is not only about figuring out words; rather, it is also a strategy game that will challenge your brain power and vocabulary skills. This app is available for free with certain in-app purchase options. You can download this app for Android as well as iOS devices.

Letter Press - Word Game Apps

Final Words

Word games are nice options to spend your leisure time while brushing up on your vocabulary levels. No matter what age group you fall in, word games cater to every user from every age group. The only thing required- are you ready to challenge your vocabulary skills? If you love educational games, the above-mentioned word apps will appeal to you. These mentioned names are popular and challenging enough to get you hooked to the seats. You will love these games during your leisure time. So, what are you waiting for? Try these best word game apps out and you will not be disheartened.

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