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Best Habit Tracking Apps 2020: Good habits make a person even better and more widely accepted in society. Henceforth, developing good habits is of utmost importance. There are some basic norms to follow and your behavior will be reshaped, resulting in developing good habits. Technological innovations have introduced a lot of habit improvement and tracking apps that make the process a lot easier and convenient.

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What exactly are these habit tracking apps?

Well, these apps provide a certain visual representation of your behavioral progress. You will notice the habits being lined up as a certain unbroken chain. The app will show the progress chart and that will provide you better results in developing good habits.

All said, there stands a serious problem with habit trackers. There are lots and lots of such trackers available these days. Which one to choose and what to omit is something that needs deep research and study. To make things easier for you, we have carried out deep research of all the best habit tracking apps that you may consider to develop your habits.

Let’s have a look:

Best Habit Tracker Apps 2020

Habitify App For Android/iPhone

Habitify - habit tracker app
Available for both Android and Mac, Habitify is a nicely designed app to track your habits. The interface is well organized and simple to access. The app features details of habits for the day to follow. You need to check them out as soon as you complete them. A simple concept but extremely effective to develop on your good habits! The app also comes with a DARK MODE to put less strain on your eyes. There are several charts and graphs to focus on the progress of your habit. The regular version is available free of cost while the premium version costs $4.99/month.

Beeminder App For Android/iPhone

Beeminder - best habit tracker app
Beeminder is the app that provides some extra information about your habit progression along with other basic features. This is one cool app where you have the option to invest real money to improve your habits. Once you fail to follow a habit, a certain penalty amount will be deducted from your card. Each failure will cost you some of your hard-earned money. Such a style helps in motivating a person to work his/her way to developing habits and make improvements no matter what it takes. This app is available for Android and Mac devices. There is also a web version available. The regular version is free to use while the premium plans can cost between $8-$32 depending on the type of plan you opt for.

Habitica App For Android/iPhone

Habitica - habit tracker app android
Habitica is probably the most innovative habit tracking app you have ever imagined. It can be best described as an RPG with different types of habit tacking features nicely built-in. The app transforms you into a character of a video game. With every habit you complete, your video game character’s stats improve. With improved stats, the character can go on quests, pick new gears, and join parties. But all that said, Habitica will cater mostly to those who have a love for video games. If you are not familiar with RPGs, this app may not cater to you. This app is available for both Android and Mac devices. There is also a web version available. The base version is available free of cost while the premium version costs 4.99 USD per month.

Today App For Android/iPhone

Today - best habit tracker app android
Available only for Mac (iOS), this is one super cool habit tracking app with a beautifully crafted interface. It is a very effective app that follows all the basic standards of habit maintenance. It creates and checks habits regularly while allowing you to set custom images for each of the habits as a cover décor. This can even act as a reminder of the change that you are working towards. There is also an option to include CUSTOM CARDS to the habit which allows for additional context on the progress. The premium version is available for 1.99 USD per month while you can easily access the base version without investing a penny. App For Android/iPhone - productive habit tracker app is probably the best habit tracker app in the list, because it offers more personalized support to the user. The best feature of is the community aspect of this app. Once you add any new habit to the list, the community feature will connect to different communities and create a discussion thread. There will be lots of idea sharing and ways to perform the habits more effectively. If you are using this app only as a habit tracker, it is free. But if you want to hire a coach, the cost starts at $20 per week. The app is available for Android, Mac, as well as for the web.

Done App For iPhone

Done - best free habit tracker app
Done is another nice habit tracker app but only for the iOS devices. It has a slick interface and there is an option to build and quit habits. It is useful for those who want to get rid of certain habits while starting to follow something new for a better life. You can set as well as track goals on a monthly, weekly, or even daily basis. This app is available free of cost.

Momentum App For iPhone

Momentum - free habit tracker app
Momentum Habit Tracker is available only for iOS users. This app comes with several impressive features that help in keeping track of your routines and habits. However, the best part of this app is its ability to import data to Excel doc. The app also allows the option to set weekly targets. This is a great app and the base version is available for free. If you want to subscribe to the premium version, the cost per month will be $1.99.

Mindset App For iPhone

Mindset - best habit tracker app iphone
Another nice habit tracker app, Mindset comes with a nice, simple layout that makes the proceedings easier. The journal system is available at the center and front to make things a lot more convenient. This app is available for both Android and iOS users. The app is not available for free and you have to pay 10.99 USD per month to access the features.

Balance App For iPhone

Balance - daily habit tracker app
As the name suggests, Balanced is the app designed to create a balance between different areas of your life. It helps in keeping a track of different activities like sleeping, reading, sitting, workout patterns, etc. and guides you towards developing healthier habits. The app is focused on providing instructions on healthy habits and hence, can be a great addition to your regular life. It is available for both Android and iOS. The app costs $11.99 per month. However, you can try it for free for 10 days.

Good Habits App For iPhone

Good Habits - best free habit tracker app ios
Good Habits is a nice habit tracking app that provides different ways to track the progress of your habits. The interface design is smart yet simple to manage proceedings perfectly. Using this app, you can look into precise data of the habit chains. The paid version comes with easy progress checking ability. Unfortunately, this app is available only for iOS devices. The premium version is available for $4.99 per month.

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Final Verdict

Habit is the first nature of a man (and woman). Developing a good habit is an essential part of living and if you are finding it difficult to do so, do consider some of the habit tracking apps that I mentioned above. Try them and see the difference!
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