When it comes to staying informed about the ever-changing weather conditions, relying on best weather apps for android is imperative. With countless options available on the Google Play Store, finding the best weather app for your Android device can be overwhelming. Fear not, as we have compiled a comprehensive list of the top weather apps for Android, ensuring you stay ahead of any sudden weather changes.

Which is the best weather app for android?


AccuWeather is hailed as one of the most popular weather apps available. With its real-time weather updates, minute-by-minute precipitation forecasts, and detailed radar maps, it provides a comprehensive overview of weather conditions. Additionally, AccuWeather’s MinuteCast feature predicts precipitation intensity for the next two hours, making it perfect for planning outdoor activities.

Features such as ‘RealFeel’ provide a comprehensive breakdown of how the weather actually feels outside, factoring in various elements like wind and humidity.


  • Detailed hourly, daily, and 15-day forecasts
  • RealFeel temperature
  • Allergy, flu, and migraine forecasts (a unique feature)

Weather Underground

Weather Underground is one of the finest accurate weather apps for android. It combines data from over 250,000 personal weather stations worldwide, resulting in highly accurate forecasts. The app offers a plethora of weather information, including hourly and 10-day forecasts, radar maps, and severe weather alerts. Weather Underground also provides crowd-sourced reports, allowing users to share firsthand weather updates from their area.


  • Crowd reporting feature for real-time reporting
  • Sunrise, sunset, moon phase, and moonrise times
  • Health tile for local health & flu reports

Weather by WeatherBug

WeatherBug offers a variety of weather forecasts, including 10-day, hourly, and weekend updates. Its unique ‘Spark Alert’ function lets you know when lightning is nearby, keeping you safe during severe weather conditions. Undoubtedly, one of the best options for live weather apps for android.


  • Heat index, pollen, and UV index forecasts
  • Weather widgets with live cameras
  • Customizable alerts for specific conditions

The Weather Channel

Famed for its TV channel, The Weather Channel’s app offers detailed weather updates and a user-friendly interface. Its unique feature, “Social Weather,” allows users to share weather updates and photos with the community. The app also provides personalized weather alerts based on user preferences and location, ensuring you stay informed about any upcoming weather changes.

Its radar maps are interactive with customizable layers for things like rainfall, temperature, and “feels like” temperature.


  • Dynamic home screen with changes based on your current location, weather, and time of day
  • Severe weather alerts which can be received in the background
  • Flu and COVID-19 updates based on weather conditions

Carrot Weather

If you’re looking for a funny weather app for android with a touch of humor, CARROT Weather is the perfect choice. This app utilizes Dark Sky’s data and presents it with a witty and sarcastic twist. CARROT Weather offers detailed weather forecasts, customizable widgets, and an Apple Watch app for quick access to weather information. With its unique personality, CARROT Weather adds a fun element to your daily weather updates.


  • Unique user interface with hilarious weather forecasts
  • Weather forecasts for up to 70 years in the past or future
  • Premium Club subscription for more detailed and immediate updates


1Weather provides a sleek, minimalist design with comprehensive weather information. You can find hourly and extended forecasts, as well as customizable widgets to fit your home screen.


  • Global weather forecasts for millions of locations
  • Extended 12-week precipitation forecast
  • Severe weather alert notifications


MyRadar features a high-definition radar to keep you updated with the latest weather patterns. The app comes with various weather layers and provides detailed hurricane tracking information when needed.


  • Real-time animated weather radar
  • Detailed hurricane tracking
  • Temperature and precipitation layers


WeatherPro provides high-quality, detailed weather forecasts with over 2 million locations worldwide. It offers a 7-day forecast with easy-to-understand weather reports in a visually appealing layout.


  • Worldwide weather alerts and warnings
  • Provides information on the probability of rain
  • Data on air pressure, humidity, and wind speed

Today Weather

Today Weather offers a clean interface with beautiful animations and informative weather data. The app shows local air quality, air pollution, and detailed weather statistics.


  • Hourly, daily, and 7-day forecasts
  • Detailed weather information, including humidity, visibility, and air pressure
  • Air quality index and global weather coverage

Final Words

While your requirements may vary, these top 10 best weather apps for Android have proven to be reliable, precise, and user-friendly. Whether you want a simple forecast or a detailed breakdown of weather statistics, the above-listed apps should cover your needs.

We’d recommend trying out a few before settling on the one you find most accurate and convenient. Remember, a good weather app is one that helps you plan better and stay safe. Choose wisely!

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