Best Apps like Earnin: Struggling to make ends meet? Need a little extra cash before payday? There’s an app for that! In fact, there are several, and Earnin is one of the best known. Today, we’re going to explore our top ten picks for apps like Earnin that offer instant cash advances.

Earnin: An Overview

Earnin is a mobile application that offers users access to short-term, interest-free cash advances based on their earnings. With the principle of providing financial support when you need it the most, Earnin allows you to access a portion of your already-earned wages before your payday. No fees or hidden charges are involved, as the app operates on a voluntary tipping system, where users can tip what they believe is fair for the service.

Earnin also features useful financial tools like Balance Shield, which helps protect you from costly overdraft fees. By providing users with instant financial relief and empowering them with effective money-management resources, Earnin has carved a niche for itself in the short-term lending space.

Best Apps like Earnin:

1. MoneyLion

Just like Earnin, MoneyLion is a great app for cash advances. Plus, it offers perks like no interest, credit-builder loans, and free checking accounts. MoneyLion’s unique selling point is the integration of a range of financial solutions, including no-interest cash advances, credit-builder loans, and free checking accounts.

Main Features:

  • Access to early paychecks
  • Secured loans and credit building options
  • Managed investment portfolios
  • Free banking services including no-fee checking account
  • Personalized financial advice and alerts

MoneyLion, similar to Earnin, provides no-interest cash advances. However, it stands apart by offering additional financial solutions such as credit-builder loans, free checking accounts, and budgeting tools, making it a more comprehensive financial platform.

2. Brigit

With Brigit, you can get up to $250 right when you need it most, with no credit check required. Plus, it comes with budgeting tools so you can better manage your money.

Main Features:

  • No-interest paycheck advances
  • Automatic overdraft protection
  • Customizable budgeting tools
  • Real-time spending insights and notifications
  • Personalized financial recommendations

Like Earnin, Brigit offers cash advances without a credit check. Brigit’s standout feature, however, is an automated budgeting tool that helps users manage finances efficiently, giving it a slight edge in personal financial management.

3. Dave

Backed by serious celebrity endorsement, the Dave app is both a banking and a cash advance application that yields low fees and small personal loans. Plus, it predicts upcoming bills to prevent users from falling into overdraft.

Main Features:

  • Interest-free cash advances
  • Automatic budgeting assistance
  • Overdraft prevention alerts
  • Savings account with automatic deposits
  • Income-boosting Side Hustle opportunities

Dave and Earnin both offer cash advances, but Dave goes a step further by providing small personal loans with low fees and a bill prediction feature, aiming to prevent users from incurring overdraft fees.

4. Chime

Chime distinguishes itself with its robust lineup of banking services, including a free Visa debit card and the option to receive your paycheck two days early.

Main Features:

  • Early direct deposit access
  • No-fee checking and savings accounts
  • Automatic savings features
  • Instant transaction notifications
  • Fee-free overdraft protection, SpotMe

Both Chime and Earnin offer early access to paychecks. However, Chime operates as a digital bank with no hidden fees, free overdraft protection, and automatic savings features, distinguishing it as a more comprehensive financial solution.

5. SoFi

Are you seeking to achieve financial independence? SoFi offers a broad range of financial products, including cash advances, lending services, and an abundance of insightful educational resources.

Main Features:

  • Personal, home, and student loans
  • Investment and automated trading options
  • Interest-earning spend and save accounts
  • Career coaching and financial advisory services
  • No fee overdraft coverage up to $50

SoFi, like Earnin, offers cash when you need it, but additionally provides a broader range of services. This includes student loan refinancing, mortgages, personal and home loans, making it a more diverse financial platform.

6. Albert

Albert is a comprehensive financial tool that offers budgeting, saving, investing, and of course, instant cash advance services, offering up to $100 cash advance.

Main Features:

  • Automated savings with Albert Savings accounts
  • Expert financial advice through Albert Genius
  • Income advances with Albert Instant
  • Personalized budgeting and savings recommendations
  • Investment options for various risk preferences

While Albert offers paycheck advances like Earnin, it stands out by integrating robo-advising and automatic savings features, positioning it as a more multifaceted personal finance management tool.

7. Even

The Even app helps users plan out their budget, cut costs on recurring bills, send early paychecks, and even advance cash when needed.

Main Features:

  • On-demand access to earned wages
  • Automatic saving on payday
  • Personalized budget planning
  • Intelligent spend-tracking for smarter budgeting
  • Real-time insights and alerts about your money

Even and Earnin both offer wage advances, but Even additionally provides budgeting tools, automated saving, and a “Okay to spend” feature that gives users a real-time view of their finances, making it a more comprehensive financial tool.

8. FlexWage

FlexWage combines the use of its application and payment card, allowing employees to access their earned wages before payday, making it a good Earnin alternative.

Main Features:

  • Immediate access to earned wages
  • Debit card for easy wage disbursement
  • No-fee checking and direct deposit services
  • Support for various pay frequencies (daily, weekly, monthly)
  • Transparent, affordable and fixed fee structure

Just like Earnin, FlexWage provides early wage access but it utilizes a reloadable debit card referred to as the “FlexWage Paycard”. FlexWage also offers budgeting tools and their OnDemand Pay feature, providing more payroll flexibility.

9. PayActiv

Just like Earnin, PayActiv offers short-term loan options that provide direct access to the money earned before the actual payday, curbing the need for payday loans.

Main Features:

  • Early access to earned wages before payday
  • Real-time financial wellness insights
  • Bill payment and savings options
  • Budgeting and financial planning tools
  • Access to a range of discounts and cashback on daily purchases

While both PayActiv and Earnin provide early wage access, PayActiv uniquely offers financial counseling, savings tools, and bill payment options, making it a more comprehensive financial wellness solution.

10. Branch

Branch is a savvy and accessible option, providing advanced wages, budgeting tools, and even a digital wallet.

Main Features:

  • Instant access to earned wages
  • Fee-free digital banking with a Branch Wallet
  • Budgeting tools and spending insights
  • Branch debit card for convenient spending
  • Scheduling and workforce management for employers

Branch and Earnin both offer wage advances, but Branch also aids with shift flexibility and scheduling for hourly employees, providing a multi-purpose workforce management solution beyond financial services.


Looking for short-term, payday-esque loans to help you financially until your next paycheck? These apps like Earnin are all strong options! With many of them, you can access your earned money, manage your finances, and set budgets. Remember to use them wisely!

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