How to Screen Record On Mac

How to Screen Record on your Mac?
Is it possible to record a movie playing on a Mac Screen? Yes, it’s absolutely possible these days.
In fact, anything playing on the Mac Screen, you can record!
Surprised? Don’t be!

With the advancement in technology, it has become a lot easier to screen record on your Mac. Allow me to explain the scenario in a clearer way.

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There are quite a few software tools available through which you can screen record on the Mac. Here are a few significant ones:


Launched around September 2018, Mojave made screen recording in MAC a lot easier. It features a Screen Record tool, easily accessible from the SCREENSHOT toolbar.

Here is a step by step instruction on how to screen record on your Mac using Mojave:

1. Press Command + Shift + 5 to launch the screenshot toolbar.

2. From the options available, you can either select Record Selected Portion or Record Entire Screen based on your requirement.

3. If you plan to record the entire screen, simply select and click the RECORD button located beside the OPTIONS.

4. If you are looking to record a couple of screens together, simply click and hold the RECORD button and the option for Screen 1 and Screen 2 will be displayed.

5. Next, if you are considering a specific portion to record from the screen, there is an option RECORD SELECTED PORTION. Prior to clicking on the option, you need to select the area from the screen that you want to record. You can even drag the box over that specific portion.

how to screen record on mac

5. Once you click on the respective Record button, observe the STOP button appearing on the Menu Bar. The Menu Bar is located at the top of the screen. The appearance of this STOP button indicates that the recording is indeed happening. Once the recording is finished, you need to click on the STOP button to exit the process.

6. Look down at the bottom right corner of the screen. You can see the recorded video appearing in a small window in there. You can now click on that video and it will open in the Quick Look. By default, the video will be saved on your Desktop.

There is a TRIM button located just next to DONE. You can use it to reduce the length of the video or trim some portions from it.


Another extremely effective screen recording app for Mac users, this tool comes packed with a whole lot of features. It is not available free of cost but definitely, the hefty price tag defines the high utility features it offers.
ScreenFlow is the most ideal tool to screen record gameplay or even those educational tutorial videos with ease. Similar to Mojave, it also comes with the EDIT option for the part that you have recorded.

how to screen record on mac

This tool comes with an additional facility to record video from the FaceTime camera.


Do you want to screen record on your Mac in true HD and 4K resolution? Capto is the tool to do so. It not only records by also allows video editing in 4K resolution.
This tool allows the user the option to choose the frame rate for the video. It also provides the option to record audio in the STEREO format.

how to screen record on mac

There are different types of trimming and editing options available in this tool.

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Wrapping it up

The above three tools are quite feature-rich to meet your requirements when it comes to screen record from the Mac. However, the screen recording option can also be carried out through Quick Time Player. It is free to use for Mac users and comes with a simple interface but less number of features compared to the above options.

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