how to split screenn on mac

How to Split-Screen on Mac?
The Mac interface comes with the split-screen feature, allowing the device to split its screen into two windows to run two programs simultaneously.

If you are using a Mac computing device, it is not much of a difficult situation to resize the window through the click and drag process. However, this will never prevent the scenario of multi-window floating all around. But with the new split-screen view, this problem has a solution. The split-screen option positions and adjusts two windows appropriately. All other windows disappear for the time being. With Mac, the concept of split screening looks a lot more convincing.

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The question is: How to Split-Screen on Mac?

Well, here are the steps to follow:

Split Screen on a Mac : Step 1 (Colored Dots)

how to split screen on mac

First of all, you need to open a couple of windows on your Mac device. It may be apps, documents, or even browser windows. Now, simply pick the window that you want to start with and focus on its upper left corner. What can you see? There are 3 colored dots, green, yellow, and red. These dots are there for controlling the window.

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Split Screen on Mac: Step 2 (Reshaping)

Simply hover to the green dot located on the right side. Carefully notice a couple of small arrows. These arrows are there to expand the screen. Once you hold down the green dot, some options will start to reflect. These options are:

  • Enter Full Screen
  • Tile Window to Left of Screen
  • Tile Window to Right of Screen
how to split screen on mac

Apart from the first option, you can consider selecting either of the two remaining ones to move and reshape your window.

Splitting the Screen on Mac : Final Step

One of the windows has been shifted to one side of the screen with half the screen size. Now, you have another half of the screen left for displaying another window. You can notice that the first app (or window) is occupying half of the screen (either at the left or right) while the other half displays the thumbnail of the other apps or the open windows on the available space.

how to split screen on mac

What you need to do now is select the other window that you are planning to use in the split-screen mode. Once you click on that app or doc or browser, it will resize automatically (based on the space available) to provide you with the Split-View screening experience. Tapping on either of the windows will switch back and forth the focus (as required).

Split Screen on Mac : How to Exit

You Can Exit the Split Screen view in your mac easily.

Take Your Pointer to the upper left corner of the Screen and click on

   icon. It is the Full Screen icon.

You can use the Apple Multi-Touch Gestures to Swipe Right and Left on various Screens Opened in the Background.

Final words

Before putting down the pen, there’s a word or two of suggestions for you. There are no hard or fast rules regarding the size of the split view screen. What I want to indicate is the fact that when you are splitting the screen into two windows, it is not mandatory to follow the HALF ASIDE deal. One of the windows may be larger in size than the other. You simply need to know your preferences and requirements. There will be a definite black bar located in the middle of the screen. Simply click and hold this bar to resize the window accordingly.

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