Top Best 3ds Homebrew Apps For Android/iOS In 2024

Best 3ds Homebrew apps :  There are several homebrew apps available to run on your console. Using these tools, you can create personal theme design, you can play games that are not accessible in your region, and you can even play those old classic SNES games. In short, you can do a whole lot of things using the 3ds homebrew apps. Enjoy unlimited fun!

Let’s look at some of the best 3Ds homebrew apps available for platforms, Android, and iOS. Do give them a try!

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Nds4droid – Access 3ds Homebrew Games

nds4droid - 3ds homebrew apps
This 3Ds homebrew app allows you to gain access to a large number of games on the consoles. This app is certainly proving to be worth your effort and time. It is one of the  finest 3ds homebrew emulators that allows you to play some of the coolest retro games like FIFA and POKEMON. The app promises minimal lag and runs extremely smoothly. The graphics are impressive enough and the interface is easy for even the beginners to access. This app is available for free and you will not be interrupted with distractive ads. It will take minimal space to get installed.


Reddit - best 3ds homebrew apps
Who doesn’t know about Reddit? This community is simply vast! Be part of this community and delve deep into the world of gaming. There are so many different communities available. Choose the gaming community you find most suitable and join it for discussion and loads of fun. The app is free to use. Here, you can easily share GIFs and Videos. There is also an option to sign up for different accounts. Choose your interest and join the communities. Use this app to communicate, followed by creating group chats. Reddit is one of the most popular 3Ds homebrew apps available today for free, with a total number of downloads exceeding 10million! With an intuitive and beautiful interface, this app is a must-try!

Rocket PSP Emulator

Rocket PSP Emulator - homebrew 3ds apps
Want to bring the 3Ds gaming experience on your smartphone? Well, Rocket PSP Emulator is there to help you with the part. Simply download this app and gain access to hundreds of games. The graphics are quite intriguing and the interface easy to access. If you are looking for a nice gaming emulator app, this tool is definitely worth the effort. Any type of game, strategy, sports, shooting, war, or whatever, you will find it under this app. The highly intuitive interface eliminates the chances of errors that come with handling reprogrammed games. It is your ideal homebrew gaming app to enjoy. You can even try some ROMs also on your PSP.


Mimtendo - homebrew apps 3ds
Again, another great homebrew app to enjoy the 3Ds games! The best feature of this app is limited energy usage. Yes, this app doesn’t drain your smartphone’s battery much. Play for a large number of hours without worrying about battery percentage going down totally. Use this app to play any 3Ds game without the chance of errors. Use this tool to enjoy participating in those childhood PlayStation games and relive the nostalgia. The games are being reprogrammed and adapted to meet the smartphone setup. Adjusting the gameplay speed is also possible using this homebrew app. There is also the option to customize the screen as per your comfort zone.

The N.DS Pocket of Simulator

The N.DS Pocket of Simulator - best homebrew apps 3ds
The N.DS Pocket is home to some of the finest homebrew games. Install this pocket simulator to your smartphone and gain access to thousands of DS games for free. The app will also automatically scan for games within your smartphone. Don’t worry about any lag or errors. The games will run smooth and you will enjoy the speed. The interface is easy and not complicated at all. Play all your favorite games an unlimited number of times. The app is very small and takes minimal space. The app is free of any spam or malware. You can try this one to enjoy playing your all-time favorite games.

Rapid PSP Emulator

Rapid PSP Emulator - 3ds homebrew launcher apps
Want to play PSP games on your smartphone. Download Rapid PSP Emulator and start gaining access to thousands of classic and latest PSP games on your smartphone. Being one of the the best 3Ds homebrew apps 2020, this tool will simply blow your mind. All your favorite PSP games under a single tool, and that too, for free! Now isn’t that amazing? Any genre, any style, any type, you name it, the app will find the game for you to play. The app promises no lag and you will enjoy a smooth interface.


CTRXplorer - 3ds homebrew apps 2020
CTRXplorer is a file manager. In more detailed terms, it is an open-source 3DS SD file manager. The virtual keyboard is one of the most impressive features of this app. The app is available for free and takes only a meager space. It is the perfect app to share files. The interface is simple yet highly functional and managing files is easier than you may expect. Some of the features include renaming files, moving single/multiple files, deleting files, displaying or editing files, and even generating dummy files. The app is also able to rename files and create directories.

3Ds Paint

3Ds Paint - homebrew apps for 3ds
3DS Paint is another excellent homebrew app that can be used for drawing and editing images. The app comes with loads of features. The drawings can be saved in the SD card. It is a perfectly capable file management tool and you can try it to know for yourself.


FTPony - nintendo 3ds homebrew apps
This app can be used for testing different homebrew versions without the need to swap the SD cards. Using this app, you can easily transfer files. You can also replace or even remove items manually.

Custom Home Menu Manager

Custom Home Menu Manager - 3ds homebrew emulators
Using this app, you can work on different themes to create the home menu. Customization is also possible. You can sort the themes based on names. Once the theme is installed, you will be notified. This is one of the best 3ds apps.

Any 3ds Homebrew Browser that Still Work?

Currently, there aren’t any working 3ds homebrew browsers as of 2020 and all are dead for a while but you can check

Final Words

There are hundreds of 3Ds homebrew apps available. While most of them are targeted towards gaming enthusiasts, some work on different fonts altogether. The above options are safe and easy to use. You can try them one by one to see how they work on your smartphone.

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