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Wingding was developed way back in 1990 by Microsoft. It uses the combination of Arrows, Stars, and Lucida Icons. The most unique part of Wingding is the use of Wingdings fonts resembling gestures and shapes along with some well recognized world symbols. The use of letters as symbols is common in Wingding.

What is Wingdings?

Translating Wingdings to English is not difficult, thanks to the availability of so many translators available out there. However, the most authentic ones need to be considered to ensure an accurate translation outcome. Previously, We had discussed about actual shakespeare translator also. Here, we have tried to figure out top 10 Wingding Translator tools to make things easier. Have a look:

Best Free Wingdings Translator 2020:

Lingo Jam

This is one of the best Wingdings Translator emoji tools available. But you need to visit the website of Lingo Jam to gain access to the translator. Once you are in the site, there is the option to convert the Wingdings to English or whatever other language.

It is just that much simple! The results are generated almost instantly. This tool not only offers translation from Wingdings to English but also the opposite, i.e. from English to Wingdings. You can use this tool to convert wingdings letters to English. You can easily download all the files after translation. Make sure to always use CAPS for the WD Gaster’s Undertale.

Wingdings Translator lingojam

Fun Translations

This is another useful Wingdings translator tool available that also allows you the option to learn more about this specific wingdings font. Once you open the tool, the Translate Button is located at the bottom. There is a space where you need to type or copy paste the English text to get it translated into Wingding. Just hit the convert button to get the translation done. There is also the option to Tweet the translation. Always use Capital format for WD Gaster’s Undertale format.

However, this tool is unable to convert the Wingdings to English. Maybe it is working on that part and such a translation will be ready in near future. Fun Translation can also be embedded into a website and blog page where you want funny letters or text. You can easily download all the files after translation.

Wingdings Translator



One of the best Wingdings translator available today is D-Code. This is a free tool that can be used for translating the Wingdingsto English and other languages. Visit the website and you will be greeted with a large number of options.

Once you enter the text for translation in the tool, there is a DECRYPT button that you need to click to display the result. There is also the option to convert English texts into Wingding letters. It is a nice and effective tool for translation purposes. You can easily download all the files after translation.

Wingding Translator decoder

Wingdings Translator

This is a simple wingdings translator tool used for translating your Wingdings script into modern day English. The interface is simple and uncluttered. Using this tool, you can easily convert texts, phrases, and sentences from English to Wingdings and vice versa. You can easily download all the files after translation. Make sure to use the Capital Letter format for WD Gaster’s Undertale language.

To manage the translation part, simply copy the text, paragraph, or sentence in the box and the letters translation will be done almost instantly. There is an Aerial text box where you can paste the Wingdings text to get it converted into English.

Wingding Translator gaster


Another great wingdings translator tool to learn Wingdings language, Grompe is easy to use. Visit the site and you will find the opportunity to learn more about Wingdings and the converted texts/letters. You simply put a text written in Wingdings into the box and it will display the meaning in English. Simple copy, paste, and enter are the commands to follow. The best part about Grompe is that it instantly provides the translation results. You can easily download all the files after translation.

There is no need for any signup, registration or submission. Here, the site also offers you the option to learn about different Wingdings fonts. It can easily convert any wingding font or letters into wingdings easily.

Wingdings Translator

Gaster Dingbats For Android

This app is available only for Android platform. The best part about Wingdings translator wd Gaster Dingbats is that it supports the Original Wingdings font as well as the Webdings fonts. There is also the option to subscribe for the premium version where you get to enjoy additional wingdings fonts like Wingdings 2 and 3. Have you noticed Google Translator? Well, the interface looks a lot like that. It can convert any text into wingdings letters format. You can easily download all the files after translation.

When using this tool, simply select the Wingdings type along with the language into which you want the translation to happen. Using this app, you will also be able to learn more about different Wingdings fonts. The app also displays translations and conversions of different Dingbats. Simply click on the More Information sections and you will notice conversions, translations, and several other details about dingbats.

Wingdings Translator


Babylon is one of the most famous wingdings translator tools for Windows platform. It can be used to convert any letters into wingdings format. Using this tool, you can get translation done from Wingding to English or other language with a simple click. Use this tool for your Windows PC and enjoy the translation without any hassle. However, this tool is unavailable for Linux, Mac, or Android platforms. If you have a Windows PC or a Windows smartphone, this tool can be downloaded and installed for use. You can easily download all the files after translation.

Wingdings Translator


As the name suggests, this tool features a whole lot of fonts. The content can be translated into Wingdings as well as other accessible sources. Although there are a variety of wingdings font options available in this site, there is no restriction of changing them into a single text style.

You can change them into different styles. There are different text styles available on the site. You can choose whichever one you feel like. You can easily download all the files after translation.

Wingdings Translator


This is the tool that can help you with Wingding word meanings. Yes, use this tool to double check the phrases and words with a simple click. The site allows the option to search from over 1,000,000,000 translations to check individual words and expressions. Then, there is the option to check for the contexts.

The tool searches not only its own data bank but also the web for the translated text and figuring out the meaning of the phrase or specific word being queried for. Actually, this approach allows you to see the way others have translated the phrase. This will provide you a clear idea on the meaning of the phrase from a different perspective. This tool works with Google Images as well. You can easily download all the files after translation.

Wingdings Translator with voice


Phrase is a simple and easy to use translator. It focuses primarily on the service localization and software tasks. Phrase platform is powered by an API-driven software tool that helps in extracting data from different source codes and making it available through an online editor.

The user interface is simple to access. The dashboard is well organized and users easily operate the projects through it, thus gaining real time status of the entire translation phase.

Users can also keep track of all the new tasks, missing texts and translations required for proofreading purposes. A few clicks and things will be sorted out well. The tool also allows the users to receive regular updates on comments and translations vial in-app notifications, integrated messengers, and email.

Wingdings Translator chart

Which is the Best Wingdings Translator Tool?

There are plenty of translation tools available. However, when it comes to Wingding translation, there are only limited resources to consider. We have tried to pick the most authentic Wingding translation tools to manage proceedings. You can try them to see how they benefit your purpose.

If there are other names that you have tried but not listed in here, please feel free to mention in the comment section below. The tools mentioned in this article are tried and tested. However, You can also check out Shakespearean to English Translator Tools.

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