Top 10 Websites like Craigslist for Gigs/Jobs

Sites Like Craigslist For Gigs/jobs: Craigslist is one of the most popular ad posting sites, featuring hundreds and thousands of local classified ads. The specialty of Craigslist is that there are a total seven sections that also include Gigs. Craigslist is popular but there are other substitutes available too, especially if you are looking for Job sites like craigslist. Also, if you are only searching for Gigs, looking for a site that only hosts it will be a better option to consider because it will take the least amount of time in the search process. On the other hand, Craigslist deals with diversified information and can be a complicated portal to find the Gigs in the first place.

Best Sites Like Craigslist For Gigs:

The most unique features of Craigslist are adding your listings and viewing the listings. The alternatives we will discuss here will have these features but focus primarily on the Gigs.

websites like craigslist for gigs - is another strong competitor and certainly one of the best in the list of websites like Craigslist for gigs. It offers plenty of options to those trying to make an additional income.

You just need to create your profile and account. Open your account and describe the skills and other details in the profile section. Accordingly, you can look for the gigs that cater to your requirements and apply for those. Once you finish the gigs successfully, payment is made.

websites like craigslist for gigs
Probably the oldest gigs related website available, freelance is filled with a wide range of options. It is certainly a very compelling website and you can visit the HOW IT WORKS section to learn step by step working procedure of Once you register as a freelancer, you will be asked to write a profile, compelling enough to gain attention of the advertisers.

You can browse for gigs that meet your requirements or domain expertise. Also, you must focus on the scheduling and the pricing. After focusing on the project, if you find it compelling enough, send a bid. If the project owner approves it, you are assigned the gig. Upon successful completion, you are paid. This is truly one of the good websites like Craigslist for gigs/jobs.

websites like craigslist for gigs
Another site similar to Freelancer, is a nice alternative to Craigslist if you target gigs. The site offers some unique features that add up to its popularity. This sites comes third in our list of websites like Craigslist for gigs/jobs.

Truelancer comes with the option to contest/bid for a job. You, as a project owner, can post a project for the freelancers to bid. Another feature is the Buying Services. There are several services or gigs posted by freelancers. You can purchase any of these. You simply can create your own gig, sell it, and then start earning. As simple as that! You just need to create an account with Then, complete your profile. Once done, you can contest or bid for gigs. If approved, you can start working on the task. Upon successful submission, you get paid.

websites like craigslist for gigs is a very alternative to Craigslist but used exclusively for gigs. However, Upwork does not ask for an entry level fee for the gigs. Once you open Upwork, the first thing to do is create a profile compelling enough to attract an audience. Make sure you mention your skill set in detail. Once done, you need to start searching for the ideal projects. Once you target projects, start sending proposals to the owners of the same.

It all depends on project owners as to whether your proposal seems to be a profitable affair or not. If the owner finds your offer lucrative enough, your proposal is accepted and you get hired! The entire process is managed by Upwork’s efficient system. Once a gig is completed and then accepted, your payment will be done.

It is not only finding gigs in Upwork. Rather, you can also look for talents in this portal. However, you need to create your profile and then post a gig, the project. Once the project is posted, you will notice proposals crowding your profile. What you can do next is setting up interviews and hiring a candidate you consider most ideal for the job. That’s why it is one of the very few good websites like Craigslist for gigs.

websites like craigslist for gigs is often considered the best alternative to Craigslist due to its Gigs commitment. It is presently the best Gigs related website available. Fiverr has a reputation of a portal to showcase only gigs. However, there is also the option to offer your personal gigs. You just need to create your own account and then login to the portal. There, at the top right hand of the page, there is an option: Become a Seller. You can simply offer any kind of skills.

Be it translation, logo designing, content writing, theme development, or anything else, the options are simply limitless. Fiverr offers the option to set your personal gigs in a matter of a few minutes. Fiverr allows the user to charge $5 for the gigs at startup. However, once you reach the next level, the option to charge higher opens.

There is also the option to search for the required gigs. It is all possible in Fiverr. You can post an ad to look for people who can search gigs for you. Certainly, you will provide them a price for the same. The procedure is simple and makes you look for the best gigs available based on your needs.


websites like craigslist for gigs
TaskRabbit is another gig based site. It is a site for freelancers looking for tasks on their domain to finish and make a side income. It is a popular site for outsourcing tasks and jobs that can be completed via the computer and internet. It is an easy to go portal that helps millions of people become financially independent without facing the corporate hassles.

TaskRabbit has a smooth interface. The tasks are organized perfectly to make it easy for users to find them. It is a safe portal for those looking to earn some extra income.


websites like craigslist for gigs
FlexJobs is a very useful and popular gig portal similar to craigslist. This site specializes in displaying professional project listings that allows interested people to make a side income. There are projects listed in this portal that can make a person earn quite handsomely and make a living. This task portal offers flexibility in job timings and covers nearly 50+ categories to make a choice. Whether you are an entry-level professional or an executive, options are available in plenty. The jobs listed on this portal are legitimate and there are absolutely no scams or ads to be worried about.

FlexJobs has one primary target in mind: to offer the best support in finding flexible jobs that will help in uplift the career. Additionally, it also has features like resume reviewing services, career coaching, soft skill development, career based articles and a lot more.


websites like craigslist for gigs
The popularity of LinkedIn is simply unmatched to any of the options available in the list. LinkedIn is one of the biggest job portal networking sites available presently LinkedIn is a social networking site, exclusively catered to jobs and professional information.

Whether you are searching for business related info, job opportunities, or some services, LinkedIn is the place to look at.


websites like craigslist for gigs
A very popular job portal site, Monster has achieved a cult status among the recruiters and the job seekers. Being working effortlessly towards listing the best jobs for different segments, Monster is a trusted gig site that can give tough competition to Craigslist.

This global brand is trusted by anyone seeking jobs and looking for better career opportunities. Monster, remember the name!

Final words

So, we have listed some of the top websites that can give Craigslist a tough competition when it comes to gigs post. You can try them. If there are other names that we missed out, please feel free to mention them in the comment section below.

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