how to close apps on iphone xr

Close Apps on Your Iphone XR the Quick and Easy Way:

If You want to close all the apps on your iphone xr at once, You can follow the below steps and make it quick.

In order to Close an App on iPhone Xr,What you can do is simply swipe the app card that you want to close upwards. This will make the app disappear from the App drawer. That means that the app is now closed.

This way you can clean up multiple apps on your iPhone XR and make it free and run smoothly. This Has been depicted clearly in the screenshot below:

how to close apps on iphone xr

Let me tell you one thing that If you think that closing an app will optimize the ram on your iphone xr, It is not like that. Normally, Every app that you are not using is automatically rolled to sleep mode where it doesn’t utilizes any RAM Space. Also You can use various touch gestures to maintain and control app behaviours on your iphone xr.
Hope this article solves your problem. If you have any other doubts, you can let us know in the comments.

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