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Well the search is over. For you have found CLAD Genius craigslist auto poster solution, the smartest posting software that you will ever use. Learn about the features and benefits by reading the article below and see why more businesses are using this powerful tool for their online marketing.

Are you sitting there scratching your head wondering, “What is a Craigslist Auto Poster?” Well, a Craigslist auto poster is a piece of software that manages and places ads on the free classified web site Craigslist is the largest free classified web site with over 500 cities across the planet and over 50 million unique monthly visitors. Internet marketers are making thousands of dollars each month placing multiple ads in various categories and cities on Craigslist with powerful auto posting tools.

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The most powerful auto posting tool on the market is CLAD Genius, short for Classified Ad Genius. This piece of software has been designed and used by professional posting experts then made available for various businesses and marketers to yield the power and web traffic of Craigslist and other classified websites. You can’t find a better Craigslist auto poster solution on the market for we have tried and there is no comparison.

CLAD Genius Craigslist Auto Poster Key Features:

  • Effortlessly posts your ads to Craigslist, Backpage, and Kijiji.
  • Creates Hotmail, GMail, and even Craigslist accounts.
  • Automatic scheduler and reposter for easy ad deployment.
  • Dynamic ad creation mutates your ads and creates tokens.
  • Decaptcher auto captcha entry solution puts an end to your typing.
  • Supports any IP solution, works with Dial-Up, DSL, Private Proxies, and more.

Users benefit with a Craigslist auto poster by no longer having to navigate to the city they are interested in posting to. Nor do they need to go through the list of categories where the ad shall appear. By using CLAD Genius they can set up a single ad and select as many cities and categories as they want. After saving their custom ad it takes a single click of a mouse for this amazing software to do all the tedious posting, fully automated. Once completed posting in all the cities selected it then creates an organized report for the user to review. This type of software saves users hours of time every single day, leaving posting manually as a thing of the past.

You might be asking why a person would want to put multiple ads on Craigslist? With millions of users a month there are a lot of income opportunities for all types of services and products. Along with being able to customize your marketing to specific regions geographically. Another major factor is that putting ads on Craigslist and other free classified sites like Backpage and Kijiji is that it is free. There aren’t many places today that you can get free marketing online or offline. This is why free classified sites are a gold mine for large and small businesses, which makes an auto posting solution so valuable.

Clad Genius delivers across the board for posting to Craigslist, Backpage and Kijiji. It also creates GMail, Hotmail, and Craigslist Accounts. No other software on the market has these account creation features. It supports all type of IP solutions from Dial-Up, Dynamic DSL, Private Proxies, and many more. It has also been integrated with Decaptcha OCR entry service, which means you no longer have to enter the two word Recaptcha verification when posting your ads. Clad Genius really does automate everything giving you the ability to grow your business significantly instead of manually posting your ads each and every day.

One of the major features that gives CLAD Genius it’s biggest gain over the competitions software is that it has a built in auto thesaurus and ad mutation. This means that the user can create one single ad and then CLAD Genius will dynamically post this ad using the thesaurus mutating the titles and ad body. Making it completely unique each and every time it is submitted to the free classified sites and helping reduce it from getting flagged, ghosted, or removed.

Another useful aspect of this smart Craigslist auto poster is that you have a full scheduler and reposter tool built inside as well. Using these tools allow for an ad campaign to be set for specific time and dates for them to be posted to Craigslist. Meaning that after selecting the dates and frequencies the CLAD Genius software will auto posts all of the ads in that particular campaign. This can be done every hour, day, week, month or even years. Providing users to leave the software running in the background and never have to worry about Craigslist marketing again.

There has never been a better time to begin posting ads about your business product or service on free classified sites. With the advent of CLAD Genius, your smart Craigslist auto poster, it has taken the hard work and stress out of marketing and made the process a complete walk in the park. Visit CLAD Genius today and try out their free demo which gives full access to their software and see your business grow today.

Clad Genius Screenshots:

clad genius

clad genius

clad genius

clad genius

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