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Stock Market Investment Research Sites : Search for resources and you will get it. Where? The internet! Hundreds and thousands of websites are available to produce information on a specific topic and genre. You just need to be specific with your search options. Since there is no scarcity of sites that delivers info, you must be careful in making the best choices.

If you are a stock investor, a more careful approach needs to be applied in picking the best options available. Numerous sites deal with stock research info. However, only a few bring to the users a genuine set of information to work with. Here, we will be discussing some of the best stock picking websites that allow the user to stay updated with the latest market trends, happenings, announcements, and other associated info.

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best stock research sites
An important site, provides detailed information about a public company. Using this site, it becomes a lot more convenient to carry out technical as well as fundamental analysis of the stocks. The information available on this site is categorized as news and analysis, technical, forum, financial, chart, and general info. There are several useful tools that you can use from this site, for free. The Stock Screener tool can be used for screening stocks and shortlist them as per different criteria like PE ratio, CAGR, ROE, Market Capitalization, etc. There are several technical indicators available too that can be used to carry out technical analysis.

NSE India – Best website for stock analysis

best stock research websites
NSE stands for National Stock Exchange. The official website of the National Stock Exchange is As you can imagine, every piece of information related to NSE listed companies is available on this site. Listed among the best stock research sites of all time, the data provided on this site keeps getting updated and the accuracy level is maintained 100%. The most authentic and updated financial data of an NSE listed company can be found on this site. You will also find information about foreign and domestic investors, IPOs, new listings, corporate houses, etc. There are tons of data charts (historical and recent) available on The site also offers certification and courses through online mode.

Money Control – Best stock market website for beginners

best stock research sites
If there is one site that the stock investors love to visit, will be the first option to consider. This is the bible of stock research, featuring information on the latest market trends, livestock prices, personal finance, mutual funds, currencies, commodities, charts, IPOs, and lots more. The site also offers the option for investors to track their investment status. There is also the provision to figure out fundamental data of every company along with the candlestick chart and other technical indicators. This can be highly beneficial for equity investors.

Economic Times Market

stock analysis websites
Are you looking for the latest stock market news? Well, is the site where you will find all the latest market news related to business and stocks. This website is a perfect option for those who are looking for reliable and instant financial news. It offers information related to portfolio, wishlist, stock charts, mutual funds, commodities, and portfolio to name a few. If you are new to the stock market, then the Economic Times Market website will be an excellent tool to get started. The website, with its simple interface, can be easy to navigate through. Get updated with all the latest stock market news and other related information.

BSE India

best stock recommendation sites
BSE stands for the Bombay Stock Exchange. The website hosts a wide range of information related to stock exchanges and SENSEX. Information about over 6000 publicly listed companies can be found on this site. The best thing, you can easily download the detailed list of all the public companies listed on BSE exchange. The site also features information related to OFS, foreign and domestic investors, charts, present market status, public offerings, IPOs, etc. Through this site, you can also enroll in certification and training.


best investment advice websites
Are you looking to carry out a fundamental analysis of a brand? You can simply log into to handle proceedings your way. There are ratios, financial statements, and other information about companies that can be useful in the analysis process. The best thing about Screener is that you can access most of the features for free. You can access different information about companies on this site like charts, peers, competitors, annual results, balance sheet, analysis, financial ratios, charts, cash flows, profit-loss statements, and many more. Additionally, you can also create customizable financial reports. The interface is simple and easy to manage. Reading balance sheets, annual reports, etc looks a lot convenient.

Live Mint

best financial websites for investors
The website is truly amazing when it comes to covering information on various segments like the economy, sports, politics, science, and most certainly, the stock market. Those who are associated with the share market, follow this website for a constant update on the latest trends and info. You will be updated on all the happenings from the Indian share market as well as abroad. Live Mint has an interesting interface that drives more people towards the site. Also, the range of topics it covers is certainly impressive. You can visit this site for the latest news about science events as well! Stock market fall and rise, Live Mint’s graph chart is there to notify you at every second.

Apart from these seven options, there are also best investment advice websites that you must focus on. Some of the popular names are Google Finance, Yahoo Finance, Market Mojo, Trend Money, Investello, Motley Fool and Rediff Money. Try them to see how they benefit your requirement. However, do learn the basics of the stock market before trying your hand into it.

Almost every site that I mentioned in this list has info for those who want to accumulate basics of the stock exchange and understand how exactly the stock market functions. Investment is a big scenario and areas where it can become most profitable is something to be well aware of. With the basics right, you will be able to handle the stock market perfectly. Do your research properly to make your investments reap big returns.

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