Best Samsung Gear S3 Watch Apps android 2020

Searching For Best Samsung Gear S3 Apps Android 2020?
Speaking of smart devices, Samsung’s Gear S3 definitely raises the tempo. It is one of the most sorted after smartwatches available presently. Compared directly with the iWatch, the Gear S3 is smarter like it looks. However, you can make things even better with the inclusion of certain apps to function with your Gear S3 device.
Here, we shall be discussing the best gear s3 apps for the year 2020 that promises a lot of features for the device. Let’s have a look:

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Best Samsung Gear S3 Watch Apps android 2019
An innovative app used for storytelling, the Flipboard organizes the best stories from world news and displays them accordingly. The stories are displayed based on the rating. Through Flipboard, you can also share stories on different topics.


Best Samsung Gear S3 Watch Apps android 2020
Voted the best app for Android in 2020, Spotify is known for the simple and easy to use interface. Also, the music quality is simply awesome. This is definitely one of the better music apps available to use with your Gear S3 device. The app comes with free podcast streaming and free albums. You can play songs, stream albums, and also choose hits from different music players. There is another great feature of this app – it streams global radio stations.


Best Samsung Gear S3 Watch Apps android
Having a smartwatch and not installing an app that will customize your watch face is a sin! Jokes apart; Facer is the app that you need to install to design your watch faces. This app features the highest collection of watch faces. In fact, using this app, you can even create your own watch face. This is the best face personalization app for your Gear S3. There are also watch faces available for a cost. You can consider them if you wish.


samsung Gear S3 Watch Apps android 2020
This app allows people to learn about your location. Using Glympse, you can easily share your location with those you want to. The app is highly secured and easy to use. With a passive interface, the app will run in the background without causing any hamper to your regular watch functionalities.

Google Play Music

Samsung Gear S3 Watch Apps android
Compatible with almost any device running Android, Google Play Music is a popular choice for smartwatch users. If you are using Gear S3, Google Play Music will let you keep in possession of a complete library of songs. In fact, it allows you to store 50,000 files in the collection. Using this app, it will become easier to stream music. In fact, this app will let you discover millions of songs. The app also provides quick suggestions or recommendations of songs based on your likes and tastes.


Best Samsung Gear S3 Watch Apps android 2020
Imagine an app that can control the Nest thermostat! Well, the Nest app does exactly this. It controls the nest thermostat perfectly with some mere touches. Through the use of sensors, location tracking, and algorithms, the app handles the procedures perfectly, managing the heat turning on and off process a lot easier than ever. There is a lot more feature associated with this app, one specific being setting an automatic alarm.

White Light Flashlight

Best Samsung Gear S3 Watch Apps android 2020
This is a high utility app, transforming your smartwatch into a torch. Once enabled, this app will let your watch’s screen display go white while increasing the brightness to the highest level possible. This app will help you manage dark areas while moving around. Simple and easy to use, this app is a must for gear s3 users.

Run With Map

Best Samsung Gear S3 Watch Apps android 2020
This is an activity tracking app. It can track your fitness activities like walking, running, or even hiking. The app is effective enough in providing your information related to direction, route, and locations. It even provides some tips on maintaining pace.

Verizon Messages

Best Samsung Gear S3 Watch Apps android 2020
You can sync this app to various handsets. This app allows you to remain connected to a tablet, PC, smartphone, and smartwatches. It allows you to continue the communication even if you are switching between any of the devices. There are also options to send custom GIFs and you can even create bigger chat groups. You can also share locations.

Sleep As Android Gear

Best Samsung Gear S3 Watch Apps android 2020
Want to enjoy a night of sound sleep? Well, install this app and you will definitely enjoy a night’s good sound sleep. The app monitors the sleeping pattern of the user and controls it accordingly. The app will help you achieve the required amount of sleep and will wake you up every morning accordingly. With relaxing music readily available to calm your nerves, this app definitely helps in offering you a good night’s sleep.

Texas SMS

Best Samsung Gear S3 Watch Apps android 2020
This is another messaging app that has a customizable interface. This app is extremely lightweight and beautiful. It is easy to use and you can swipe left or right the conversation to reveal the options. You can try this messaging option if the smartphone is not having one. It will not take much space and hence, you will never have memory management issues.


Best Samsung Gear S3 Watch Apps android 2020
Probably one of the most popular apps ever, Uber is now available for smartwatches as well. The Uber app for your smartwatch is convenient enough to handle the proceedings. You can easily drag the marker or choose the location accordingly. The interface is easy and simple to manage. Be it the S2 or S3, the Uber app for Samsung Smart Gears always rules the show. It is convenient and a must to have for your Gear.

Find My Car

Samsung Gear S3 Watch Apps android 2020
A high utility app, Find My Car will definitely help you save a lot of troubles. Using this app, you can mark the location of your car, thus making it a lot more convenient to reach your car in a huge parking lot. This app also allows you to leave a voice memo that will remind you of the location where your car has been parked.

Rolling Hams

Best Samsung Gear S3 Watch Apps android 2020
Enough of serious apps for the Gear S3! How about enjoying some fun by installing something like Rolling Hams? This is definitely a great way to spend those lazy hours. Simply twist the bezel of the Gear to navigate the balls through a series of labyrinths. The game is extremely challenging while keeping you hooked. It doesn’t take much space and can definitely be a great option to download.


Well, these are a few names that strike my mind while discussing Best Samsung Gear S3 Apps Android 2020. However, there are plenty more apps available. The ones I discussed here are quite useful and handy ones. You can have them installed if you wish. These apps are easy to use and don’t take up much space. Also, these are safe to download. But make sure you download them from Google Play only. That ensures 100% genuine and safe download. If you are planning to download some other apps for your Smart Gear, then again, please do get them downloaded from Google Play. It is the most trusted source to download all your favorite apps. There is no spam or virus to affect your device. Read the terms and conditions for each of these apps before downloading them. Some of the apps come with in-app purchase options. You can pay for premium versions to get more features.

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